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When Should I Change My Projector Bulb?

If you use a projector to watch TV and movies, you want to make sure you change the projector light bulb at the right time. If you change it before it needs it, you are throwing money away. If you wait too long, then you could damage your projector.

high quality projector bulb

To help decide “When should I change my projector bulb?” look for these common signs:

1. Colors look faded and are not as vibrant.

As the bulb nears the end of its usefulness, colors will start to appear noticeably less vibrant and rich. They can look faded or be the wrong shade.

2. The images look distorted and not as sharp.

Another effect of the bulb wearing out is that images will appear blurry and distorted.

3. The images look dim.

As the bulb wears out, images will start to appear dimmer and dimmer, until the bulb fails.

4. Images are flickering.

Flickering is when the images will get brighter for a few seconds and then return to normal. It is a sign the bulb is defective and wearing out.

5. The indicator on your projector says to replace the bulb.

Eingeschalteter Beamer (DLP)

Most newer-modeled digital light processing (DLP) projectors have an indicator light on them that will alert you when it is time to replace the blub.

Long before your projector starts showing signs that the bulb needs to be replaced, it is a good idea to order and stock at least two spare bulbs. This way, when it is time to replace the bulb, you won’t have to wait. Always make sure to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement bulbs to avoid damaging your projector.

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3 Amazing DIY Entertainment Center Hacks

Is your entertain center getting a bit crowded? Maybe you want to upgrade and add a new surround sound system? You could be tired of that big jumble of electrical cords and wires runs all over the place. Before you run out and spend money on a new home theater entertainment center, check out these three amazing DIY hacks:

1. Mount your TV to the wall.

If you have space on your wall, get a replacement mount for the TV stand and mount your TV to it using the right mount. Putting the TV on the wall will free up space on the entertainment center you can use for your gaming systems, Blu-ray player, DVR, etc.

  • Bonus Tip: Get a universal remote control to control all of your devices and eliminate remote control clutter.

2. Get theater-like quality sound with a sound bar and subwoofer.

You do not need a high-end surround sound theater system to get theater-like quality anymore. Sound bars with subwoofers provide remarkable sound quality. Plus, they are perfect for your average-size living room. When selecting a sound bar, make sure it is compatible with your brand of TV.

  • Bonus TIP: Sound bars can also be mounted to the wall to free up space on your entertainment center.

Big led tv with soundbar in the living room

3. Organize your wires with zip ties and push pins.

Instead of having a big “spaghetti” pile of wires, you can organize them and make them neater. Use zip ties to combine multiple wires running to the same device. To keep wires out of sight, use push pins to hang the wires on the back side of the entertainment center.

  • Bonus Tip: Use wire covers for wall-mounted TVs and sound bars. To limit the number of wire covers on your walls, try to find one big enough to accommodate all the wires.

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The Origin of the Phrase “Don’t Touch That Dial”

As the world changes, phrases evolve. The above phrase is no different. As the remote control for TV became more common and dials faded into the past, “Don’t touch that dial” evolved into “Don’t touch that remote.”

That’s because many years ago, there was no such thing as a universal remote—or any remote control, for that matter. The only controls available were mechanical dials on the TV set itself.

What TV Viewing Used to Be Like

Today, you might take your universal TV remote with you when you go to the kitchen for a snack, so your spouse or sibling doesn’t change the channel, but, in the past, that wasn’t an option. A phrase often heard was “Don’t touch that dial,” meaning don’t get up and change the channel. Get up?! Yes, things were different back then.

People had to know when their shows came on because they only aired at a specific time, and there was no way to record them for watching later. That’s why, every Saturday morning, every child in America was parked in front of the television set (or holding the aluminum foil over the antenna just right) to watch cartoons, and adults would make sure they were in front of the TV each night to catch their favorite shows.

Because of the way TV used to be, it became common for television hosts to say “Don’t touch that dial! We’ll be back after this important commercial message.” As you might imagine, not touching that dial was serious business back then!

Nobody ever thought about finding the best TV remote control or a convenient modern accessory such as a remote wall mount clip.

old retro wooden tv receiver

Viewing Options

Before there was cable TV or universal remotes, there were VHF and UHF dials. If you were lucky, you got more than four channels when the weather was right. In most cases, the VHF dial allowed you to pick up channels 2 to 13 via your antenna or a cable source, and the UHF dial was a tuner for antenna channels 14 and above.

Sometimes, the UHF and VHF buttons worked together so that you had to turn the UHF channel to a specific number in order to get VHF channels. In other instances, UHF channels were single-digit channels and VHF were double-digit channels. Today, most people have never seen a dial on a television or have only been told stories about them. Remote controls are now the norm and one remote wall mount or another might be on your mind instead.

What Today’s Remotes Can Do

Today’s remotes can control much more than just your TV. For example, a smart remote can open a garage door and control an entire home theater system through your smart TV. Not only that but, if you have a smart TV as well as other smart appliances in your home such as connected thermostats and lights, you can also run these with your smart remote through your TV. Safe to say, remote controls pretty much dominate the TV-watching experience in every household. No one really thinks about the “don’t touch that dial” meaning anymore.

In addition to smart remotes, there are also remotes made specifically for seniors or the visually impaired. Called senior remotes or jumbo remotes, these products can have many features. For example, this type of remote will typically have large buttons and symbols so that they’re easier to see. They may also be specially designed for easy gripping and may have far fewer buttons than other remotes.

Another way that modern remotes make it easier for people to use them is with the inclusion of lights. These backlit remotes illuminate all of the buttons when a single button is pressed. Most universal remotes have a “learn” feature that, when activated, can receive and store the codes of DVD, receiver, and similar remotes so that you don’t have to use a different remote for every component.

senior couple with remote control

A downside to remote controls is that they’re easy to misplace or lose. Losing a remote is problematic because most flat screen TV sets don’t have control buttons on them to access all their features. Wall mounts and clips can keep them in one place, so you know where your remotes are. At Replacement Remotes, we offer many options, allowing you to purchase the best remote wall clip for your home.

Whether you have a remote control for one TV or a universal remote, you’ll find learning remotes, reverse remote controls, Amazon Firestick Alexa voice remotes, and brand-specific products to replace older models. Brand-based models include LG, Zenith, Philips, Magnavox, RCA, and Samsung. You can also choose based on the most comfortable design and configuration.

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Watch TV

How to Control Binge Watching and the Amount of Time You Watch TV

For many people, especially Millennials, it can be rather tempting to curl up on the couch, grab their TV remote controls, and start binge watching their favorite television series. Binge watching has become the new “in-thing” to catch up on shows without having to wait a week or longer in between episodes.

However, binge watching can ruin a series because it can take away from its original appeal. Most shows have several different levels of storytelling:

  • There can be a story for each episode.
  • There can be a story for that particular season.
  • And, sometimes, there even can be an overall developing story for the entire series!

Watch TV

Plus, binge watching can be a major letdown after you finish watching all available episodes. Then, you are forced to wait in anticipation for more new episodes, which, sometimes, are not available until a year later!

By altering your binge-watching habits, you can stretch out your favorite programs longer and get more enjoyment out of them.

  • Watch only one but no more than two episodes at a time.
  • Allow a full day to go by before watching another episode (i.e., every other day).
  • Find more than one series you want to catch up on and alternate between them.
  • Limit the amount of time you binge watch programs each day to that of a full-length feature film—so, no more than two-and-a-half hours a day.

By changing your binge-watching habits, you will discover you get more enjoyment out of your favorite programs and look forward to future episodes. For universal and TV remotes and related accessories, call ReplacementRemotes.com at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683).

Rechargeable Batteries

Why Traditional Batteries Are Better Than Rechargeable Ones for Remotes

Rechargeable batteries are often a great solution for many electronic devices, as they allow users to reuse the same batteries over and over again, sparing them the cost of buying new batteries. They are not cost-effective for all electronics, however. For TV remotes, traditional alkaline batteries remain the best option.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be re-energized many times, keeping their owners from the time and expense of purchasing new ones. The small cost of recharging batteries using your electric utilities is much cheaper than the cost of purchasing new batteries.

However, rechargeable batteries do not hold charges for as long as traditional batteries do. This means that, when they’re placed in low-draw devices such as remotes, much of their energy is unused. They’ll need to be recharged more often, reducing their lifespan and inconveniencing their owners. A traditional battery is a better option for these devices, as they hold onto their charge for a longer time when not in use.

Rechargeable batteries are much better for electronic devices that are frequently used or draw a lot of power from continuous use, such as video game controllers. Rechargeable batteries and chargers can save consumers a lot of time and money when used in these devices.

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OLED televisions

Four TV Trends for 2017

Just when you thought the latest burst of television innovation was over, 2017 is shaping up to provide consumers with even more leaps in television technology, including advances in OLEDs, increased live streaming of big events, and new features for remote controls.


OLED televisionsThe following are some of the top trends in TV and TV tech for 2017:

  • OLED televisions will usurp LCDs as the TV technology of choice. OLEDs offer a superior color and picture, and the price of OLEDs is finally starting to drop.
  • Get ready for more commercials on streaming services. You didn’t really think ad-free online shows would be around forever, did you? A growing number of brands are investing in ads for online shows. Last year, 37 million U.S. households watched ad-supported shows on connected TVs. That number is expected to grow this year.
  • Expect to see more voice technology in remotes. If you’re tired of having to manually type in the show you’re searching for when using Netflix or Hulu, this application will come in handy. More remotes are expected to offer voice recognition technology, which will allow users to voice command their remotes. The technology has been around but has yet to gain widespread acceptance. This year may be the year.
  • Live streaming of athletic and concert events will pick up steam, as demand grows and technology improves the quality of these presentations.

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Perfect TV Positioning

Three Tips for Perfect TV Positioning

You can always tell when a television just isn’t positioned right. The glare from lights or windows is distracting. You have to crane or tilt your neck to get a good view. You have to either squint to see text on the screen or you’re overwhelmed by how close the screen feels. It’s tough to use the TV remote.

Perfect TV Positioning

Finding just the right spot and positioning for your television isn’t easy. If it were, we’d all be home consultants. For folks struggling to properly set up their television, the following tips can help:

  • One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether to mount the television on the wall or place it on a TV stand. Wall mounting frees up floor space and is also helpful in homes with active children or pets. If you mount it on the wall, you’ll need to make sure that the television is securely fastened to the wall, and that it’s at an angle and height that is conducive for viewing.
  • If you have a little more room, a TV stand can be a good choice. It’s easier to adjust the height with a stand, and the stand itself can come in handy for storage. If you place the TV on a stand, you’ll want to position it so that it’s at eye level when you’re seated, for optimal viewing.
  • How far away your seating should be from the television is another major concern. In general, the larger the television, the farther away your seating should be for optimal viewing. For 26-inch screens, the optimal distance is around five feet. For 40-inch screens, a seven-foot distance is ideal. And, for 50-inch screens, you’ll need six-and-a-half feet or greater.

ReplacementRemotes.com sells new and refurbished TV remote controls for a wide variety of televisions and other electronic devices. The company also provides TV stands, accessories, replacement product manuals, lights, and other accessories. The company also operates a repair service for remotes and other devices. To learn more, contact 1-877-671-7173.

Holiday Party

Tips for Planning a Holiday Party (Part II)

In the previous blog segment, we discussed tips to help you start planning your holiday party. In this blog segment, we will provide tips you can use during the week leading up to your party.

  1. Using your holiday menu, make a grocery list and go shopping five to seven days before your party.
  2. Clean your house five days before the party. Concentrate on the rooms where guests will have access.
  3. Set up a location where guests can hang up coats, jackets, and put their wet boots and shoes.
  4. Give any rooms a quick cleaning touchup a day or two before.
  5. Start cooking and preparing any food items you can a day or two in advance.

Holiday Party

  1. The day before your party, set up the dining area with plates, glasses, and silverware. For casual gatherings, consider using eco-friendly disposal products to save on cleanup.
  2. Organize home entertainment systems and TV remotes by placing them on top of or in front of the device they control in case your guests want to use them.
  3. The morning of your event, finish cooking and preparing the rest of the food.
  4. A few hours before guests start arriving, start reheating food you prepared in advance, and start setting out any nonperishable food items.
  5. Set out any remaining food about fifteen to thirty minutes before guests arrive.
  6. Relax and have fun at your party!

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Provide Your Resort Guests with Movie Night Entertainment Options

Hotel resort guests today like looking for things to do that get them out of the room, like going to see a movie or spend time in and around the swimming pool after a long day of activities, shopping, and exploring the local area. To help make your guests happy and provide them on-site entertainment options, you should consider hosting outdoor and indoor movie nights.

Outdoor Movie Nights

You can give your guests the best of both worlds by setting up your outdoor movie night next to the pool. While they relax in the pool, they can watch a film on a big screen. You can project the movie onto the side of the building or use a portable, blow-up movie screen. For sound, consider portable, wireless surround sound speakers you can set up around the pool area. If you have a grill area nearby, consider making hotdogs and hamburger you can sell to your guests.

Indoor Movie Nights

Convert a conference room into the movie theater for the evening. Play the movie using a laptop computer connected to an HD projector. For the best sound, either use surround sound speakers or tap into your existing sound system. You can also sell freshly popped popcorn, soft drinks, and snacks.

movie night entertainment

To make controlling your outdoor and indoor movie equipment, screens, and sound system easier, consider universal remote controls from ReplacementRemotes.com. Call us at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683) for further assistance now! We also carry a wide array of hospitality remotes.

Successful Movie Night

How to Host a Successful Movie Night

One of the biggest mistakes people make, when hosting a moving night, is inviting friends over and just “winging it” after they arrive. You casually visit while your guests peruse through your movie collection and attempt to try to come to a consensus on what everyone will watch. Taking this approach results in wasted time, disagreements, and potentially unhappy guests.

Successful Movie Night

To ensure everyone has a great time at your movie night, use these tips:

  1. Select the movie yourself to avoid disagreements between your friends. It is okay to get their input about the genre or if there are any recent releases everyone is interested in seeing, but, in the end, you need to decide what is best for the group.
  2. Set a date and time for the movie night. You can create a group event on Facebook to invite people and help them remember when it is.
  3. Inspect your home entertainment center ahead of time. Make sure all wires are plugged in and the surround sound is configured for the type of movie you will watch. Also, remember to verify all of your remotes are working and do not need new batteries.
  4. Stock up on popcorn, candy, and soft drinks. If you plan on having a large group, consider asking everyone to bring something to share.
  5. Enjoy the movie!

If you are unable to locate a remote control or want to simplify your entertainment system setup with a universal remote, contact ReplacementRemotes.com at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683) today!