Find Lost Remote Controls

Easiest Ways to Find Lost Remote Controls

Sure, you may know where your TV remote control is while watching the latest sports game, binge watching Games of Thrones, or your other favorite programs. Yet, things are entirely different when you walk into the room, sit down, and reach for the remote only to discover it is missing.

Find Lost Remote Controls

While your initial reaction might be to put an amber alert out for the missing remote, chances are it never left your home. Before you panic, consider what you were last doing. Did you get up to get a snack and something to drink? Open the fridge and see if you accidentally set it in there. Even though this might sound funny, people have done it.

Your next step is to check the room where you last remember seeing the remote.

  • Look under sofa cushions.
  • Feel down the sides of furniture.
  • Get down and look underneath furniture.
  • Check around the TV and your home entertainment center, especially if you have roommates or house guests. They may have placed it here instead of leaving in your favorite spot.
  • In the bedroom, look under pillows, pull back sheets, and check in between mattresses, as well as under the bed and furniture.
  • If you have children in the home, ask them if they have seen it. They may have carried it off because they were hiding it from a sibling or using it as a toy.

If you still cannot find the remote, you can order a new one from online or call us at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683). We offer a wide range of options, including universal remotes and expedited shipping.

Teacher and student building a robotic arm

Five Things You Can Do with Your Old and Broken Remote Controls

Do you have a drawer full of broken remote controls or old ones for devices you no longer have? Most of us have at least a few remotes we no longer want or need lying around. Before you toss your broken and old remotes into the trash, here are some alternative and eco-friendly options to consider:

  1. Recycle remote controls at an authorized recycling location. You can find recycling centers, retailers, and other places, including Replacement Remotes, that will take your old, broken, and unwanted remotes and recycle them for you.
  2. Recycle TV remote controls by donating them to a vocational or trade school. Students in electronics programs work with all sorts of electronic devices. They may even take your old remote controls and repurpose them into some new device.

Teacher and student building a robotic arm

  1. Donate working remotes to a charity/thrift store. You can drop off working remotes at Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and other local charity/thrift stores. They will resell the remotes to someone who needs them.
  2. Turn the remote into a toy for cosplay events or for your children. You can paint or use stickers to transform the remote into a futuristic looking space gun or another such imaginative toy. Just remember to remove the batteries ahead of time.
  3. Create your own unique “art” piece using your old remotes. If you are artistic, you could create a sculpture or picture using different parts of your old remotes. You could even sell your artwork to earn some extra money too!

The main thing to remember when getting rid of old and broken remote controls is to not toss them in the trash. They are made of plastics and metals which can be recycled and reused.

To learn more about our remote recycling program or assistance in finding a new remote control, please feel free to contact Replacement Remotes at 1-855-573-6683 to speak with a representative today!