useful and inexpensive holiday gift

Four Great Techie Gifts for Buyers on a Budget

Christmas is just around the corner, and the holiday season can take a big bite out of your budget if you don’t shop carefully. This is tough when one of the folks on your list is a gadget-lover, as the latest and greatest toys can be pricey.

useful and inexpensive holiday gift

There are a few things that the technophile in your life will enjoy that won’t break the bank, however. Consider these inexpensive gadgets when doing your holiday shopping:

  • Universal remote controls – Chances are that your gadget-loving friend or relative has a ton of remotes in the living room to control the television, media player, stereo, etc. A universal remote cuts down on the clutter and makes life easier. They’re also very inexpensive.
  • Multi-tool gift set – For less than $30, you can find a multi-tool set that your geek can use the next time he or she is working on your computer or replacing your iPhone screen.
  • Mini-drones – Small drones are a fun toy and many of them have cool additional features such as a camera. You can find a good small drone for less than $50.
  • Cable organizer – Perfect for folks on the go, a compact cable organizer kit helps people keep up all their device chargers, headphones, and cables secure and neatly organized.

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Four Things You Want to Get Right on Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving—whether it’s for your family or a group of friends—is a big production. Getting the house clean, making sure the food is just right, getting the home theater set up, and taking care of all the other small details involved can be overwhelming.

Home Theater

Preparation is everything when it comes to making sure your Thanksgiving gathering is a success. Follow these tips, and you’ll be less stressed about the big event:

  • Enlist help – Thanksgiving is too big a job to do alone. Get your spouse, your kids, or your friends to help with some of the tasks involved. A team effort makes hosting more fun.
  • Avoid last-minute shopping – Figure out what you need and get it well in advance, as lines at grocery stores on Thanksgiving can be ridiculous.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t get too elaborate with food or plans, as this invites complication and failure. Have a flexible, adaptable plan for your gathering.
  • Make sure all your electronic gear is ready – Nothing can throw a monkey wrench into a Thanksgiving gathering like problems with the home theater. No one wants to wait on you to figure out how to stream from your mobile device or fiddle with some HDMI cords. Make sure that everything is hooked up and working properly and that you know where all the remote controls are.

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