Smart TV Remote Control

Evolution of the Smart TV Remote Control

The days of having remote controls stacked in piles on the end table are long gone. Universal remotes have been around for quite some time. However, while these remotes have helped tidy up the clutter of excess remotes, they did have their limitations.

Some early models could only control power on/off and volume controls. Other models might have allowed you to tap into limited controls for the VCR or DVD player, like play and pause. As technologies marched on, so did the evolution of the smart TV remote.

Smart TV Remote Control

The first smart TVs hit the market back in 2008 and were built by Samsung. These new TVs were a step up from the current flat-paneled TVs we were enjoying. They included advanced features like the option to connect to the internet or download and run apps right on the TV.

To accommodate the new features, remotes for smart TVs were also enhanced. Some remotes featured slide-out mini-keyboards to make typing emails or entering website addresses easier. In addition, the all-in-one functionality of universal remotes started to improve.

Now you can do more and, in some cases, your new universal remote dose everything each of your individual device remotes could do. Today, remotes are still evolving and advancing. One of the most recent developments is the voice-activated remote, which allows you to simply voice your demands and the remote listens.

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benefits of small TV

Reasons Why a Small Television Is Better

benefits of small TV

Big screen televisions have been the hype for the last few years. From 4K to curved screens, to smart functionality, today’s televisions continue to evolve. While oversized screens are the new norm, there’s nothing wrong with a small standard television, especially when paired with the right TV remote. Here are the benefits of sticking to a small, small screen.

They’re More Affordable

Not many people have $700 dollars or more to spend on a huge flat screen television. While bigger screens are nice, is the cost really worth the extra viewing space? For most people, a 32-inch television offers plenty of viewing room without crowding a room or taking up too much space on the wall.

More Portable

With a smaller television, you don’t have to have a screen in every room. Instead, you can move your smaller screen throughout your home as needed. Smaller screens can even be the ideal size for a boat or a RV!

Better for Gaming

If you’re a gamer, smaller screens work in your advantage. Smaller televisions are more intense and tend to experience less latency issues. It’s also much easier to see your entire game on a smaller screen versus one that spans 50+ inches.

Remotes When You Need Them

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