Hand use remote controller for closing and opening garage door.

Garage Door Opener Not Working?

Hand use remote controller for closing and opening garage door.

Here Are 5 Signs It Needs Replacing

We rely on our garage door openers to automatically open and close the garage door with a press of a button. Yet, like all technology and home automation appliances, things can and do go wrong. To help you determine what to do when your garage door opener is not working correctly, check out these five common problems that could indicate it needs replacing.

Garage Door Will Not Open or Close

There can be several reasons why the door is not opening or closing. You should start by checking to see if the door will work if you press the button in the garage.

If it does not, then you should replace the batteries in the garage door remote. After replacing the batteries, if the garage door remote still does not work, you will need to order a replacement remote control.

If you hear the opener’s motor engage when pressing the button, the door is most likely not connected to the opener. Reconnect the emergency release to the opener.

Garage Door Stops When Opening

Suppose the garage door stops when opening. The problem could be as easy to fix as lubricating the door’s tracks. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you should schedule a service appointment with a garage door technician to check the springs, as they may need replacing.

Garage Door Stops and Reverses Direction

If the garage door stops when opening or closing and reverses direction, this often indicates something is blocking the door sensors. If you look down near the garage floor at the sides of the garage door frame, you should notice a sensor on each side of the garage.

If there is an obstruction on either side of the door, the built-in safety features will cause the door to stop and reverse direction. If there is no obstruction, clean the lenses on the sensors, as they can get dusty and dirty.

Garage Door Opener Works Periodically

Professional automatic garage door opener repair service technician man working on a ladder at a home residential

Suppose the door is unreliable and only works periodically or unexpectedly on its own. In that case, you could have a wiring issue or a communication problem between the remote control and the door opener.

If the problem only occurs when using the remote controls, you may need to change the opener and remotes to a new frequency. Otherwise, contact a garage door technician to troubleshoot wiring issues.

Garage Door Struggles to Open or Close

This problem can occur if the springs are getting ready to snap and break. It is dangerous to attempt to check the springs yourself and best left to a garage door technician.

Garage door openers also wear out eventually and do need to be replaced. If your opener is more than ten years old and struggles to open or close, it could simply be time to get a new one.

Garage door opener

Other signs of aging to watch for include:

  • Moving Slowing
  • Jerking Motions
  • Emergency Release Frequently Detaches
  • Door Bangs When Closing
  • The Opener Is Very Loud or Make Strange Sounds

Where to Find Replacement Garage Door Remotes

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