When more does not Equal Better: The Toshiba L9300U Series

When you spend over $2,500, you should expect more from a TV than just a fancy TV remote control. Sadly, with the Toshiba L9300U series, you don’t get much more than that. This TV is one of the first generation of the 4K, or Ultra HD TVs. These TVs are supposed to have the best and most advanced picture, but the first generation have simply performed poorly so far.

The big allure of the 4K series is the large amount of pixels that these TVs have. The pixels alone do not make picture quality better if the other features are poor or absent. Also, the extra resolution is not noticed at normal seating range, which begs the question: why buy it?

Aside from the disappointing nature of the TV, the remote is disappointing, too. The central action button emits an audible clicking sound when pressed. This is annoying and cannot be turned off. It also has a lot of buttons, almost too many. It is missing important abilities, such as the ability to control aspect ratio and backlighting.


  • The color is very accurate.
  • 3D resolution looks great.
  • Offers a wireless keyboard for use with PC gaming.
  • Connectivity is excellent.


  • The TV is very expensive and a poor value.
  • The black levels are very poor.
  • It looks bad in a bright room.
  • 4K resolution does not look any different than 1080p.
  • Smart TV menu is not very good.

This TV is just not recommended. The 4K technology is too new to pay so much for a TV that is so disappointing. Waiting a few months will bring more 4K options to the table that will be more worth it for the high price.

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All about the LG LM7600 Series

A television used to only be as good as its TV remote. However, this concept has long since passed with the advent of the HDTV. Now, the remote only does half the job, and the other half is based upon the specifications of the TV itself. With that said, the LG LM7600 series is a pretty good LED HDTV.

This LM series is noted for having much better picture quality than the LM6700 and LM9000 series. This makes it highly recommended among reviewers regardless of some of the things it performs poorly on. It also comes feature-packed, including a motion-control remote. The Smart TV apps are extensive and are worth a look. The full feature package really makes this TV worth the higher-budget price.


  • This LG TV has great picture quality.
  • The black levels are very deep, unlike most LED TVs.
  • 3D quality is excellent.
  • The remote is highly customizable.
  • Excellent content on the Smart TV suite.
  • Comes with six pairs of 3D glasses.


  • The screen uniformity is poor for such a premium HDTV.
  • Color is not as accurate as it should be.
  • Sometimes artifact will show during 3D use.

For its picture quality, this HDTV is a good one. It does have a few downsides, but the benefits far outweigh them. This LG model is very nice looking in any room and comes in several sizes, which works out for someone who does not have a solid size in mind.

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The Excellent Budget HDTV: Vizio E0i Series

The Vizio E0i series LCD HDTV offers excellent value, but delivers a subpar TV remote. For a budget TV brand, Vizio is making a name for themselves with their line of LCD HDTVs. Both the E and the M series offer excellent value and excellent apps. But budget shoppers will likely prefer the E series, for all that it offers, at an unbeatable price.

The overall design of the E series TV is attractive and minimalistic. The frame is black plastic with the logo on the bottom-right, as opposed to the center on most models. The display is thick, at 3.15 inches, due to the “Direct LED” backlighting. The stand is generic and does not swivel. The entry-level remote is small, with equally tiny buttons. It is not unattractive, but the buttons could have been better thought out.

The menu system looks and feels like an app. It is a smart TV, with an impressive amount of online content located in the menu. All of the major video services are available as apps for the TV. This gives the E series the distinction of having some of the best content available for a budget TV.

The picture quality outperforms other LCD TVs in its class and price point. There are a few more expensive models that cannot match the picture available on this model. The colors are relatively accurate, but tend to trend either too blue or too red. The video processing is another area that the TV lacks, but it still performs better than most.

When on a small budget for a LCD TV, this Vizio E series is the most affordable when it comes to overall features versus value. Since the picture quality is also substantially better than many of the name brands, this TV is worth a second look when shopping.

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The Samsung F5000: A Budget HDTV

Samsung is known for its feature-packed TVs and remotes. The budget F5000 series is on the low end for Samsung electronics, both in price and features. However, for the money, it does have a lot to offer for fans of LED LCD TVs.

The TV features a minimalistic black frame, which is standard for Samsung. The stand is also made of black glossy plastic. For most sizes of the TV, the stand seems rather large and clunky, plus it does not swivel. The width of the TV is very thin due to the LED backlit technology, which almost makes up for the large stand. It comes with a small factory backlit remote with large buttons. The size of the remote is great, but with so many buttons, it is cluttered.

The F5000 offers two HDMI ports and USB connectivity. From the USB port it can play back videos, photos and music from thumb drives and other USB devices. It offers a decent amount of color management options, considering that it is a low end TV.

The picture quality of this model is excellent for a budget TV. The color is very accurate, with surprisingly deep black levels for LED LCD technology. The picture quality does rival that of more expensive TVs, but its video processing is its major flaw. All-in-all, it is a good value TV, even with its shortcomings.

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The Samsung Class LED 8000 Series Reviewed

The Samsung Class LED 8000 series is a LED LCD TV with a high price tag and a lot to offer. The series is offered in multiple sizes, from 46 inches all the way to 75 inches. The picture quality on this TV is rated excellent compared to similar models, and it comes equipped with a unique TV remote.

The colors are deep and very accurate. This is especially true for the blacks, something which many TVs fall short on. It is a 3D model, coming with the 3D setup and 4 pairs of glasses. It also offers voice and motion command, something that many TVs cannot top.

The design is extremely minimalistic and ultrathin. The frame is almost hairline, making it look like a huge screen. It is truly one of the nicest looking TVs on the market in its price point. The TV does not swivel on its curved stand, but the stand itself is practically a masterpiece.

The optional Samsung smart remote is tiny, close to the size of an iPhone. It only has a few buttons located above and below the silver pad. The pad is a touchpad that works extremely well using Bluetooth technology. The responsiveness is so good that you will rarely find yourself missing the different menus.

The remote that is provided with the Samsung TV is a standard remote with many buttons. The model of the Class LED 8000 series remote is AA59-00784C.

The remotes are as follows:
UN46ES8000FXZA – Standard remote AA59-00637A & Smart remote AA59-00626A
UN60ES8000FXZA – Standard remote AA59-00637A & Smart remote AA59-00626A
UN55ES8000FXZA – Standard remote AA59-00637A & Smart remote AA59-00626A
UN65ES8000FXZA – Standard remote AA59-00637A & Smart remote AA59-00626A

UN55F8000BFXZA – Standard remote AA59-00784C & Smart Remote AA59-00758A
UN60F8000BFXZA – Standard remote AA59-00784C & Smart Remote AA59-00758A
UN46F8000BFXZA – Standard remote AA59-00784C & Smart Remote AA59-00758A

In many circles, Samsung is known for top quality TVs, but many reviewers do not feel the same way. Many prior series offered subpar picture quality for the price. In the past, the main issue for reviewers was the picture quality. However, this model offers one of the best pictures in a non-4K TV, but you will pay for it.

The Panasonic Class ST60 Series Reviewed

The Panasonic  Class ST60 series is a mid-level plasma TV equipped with a better-than-average TV remote control. It is one of the last plasma models that Panasonic released prior to the announcement that they would not be manufacturing any more of this type of TV. Many people feel that purchasing a plasma TV is not a good investment, but technology has come a long way from the plasmas of the past. Burn-in is rarely an issue for most plasma TVs.

The picture is really good, especially for watching TV or a good movie. However, gaming on this television is not recommended. It does have some input lag, but, if you are not a gamer, this simply does not apply. It is the least expensive of the Panasonic TVs to boast picture quality this good.

This series of TVs comes in 50 (TC-P50ST60), 55 (TC-P55ST60), 60 (TC-P60ST60), and 65 (TC-P65ST60) inch models. The external appearance of the TV was given careful attention by Panasonic. They called the design “glass and metal,” which is quite fitting. The chrome edging and black, glossy frame give it a minimalistic approach. The external features rival that of a high end LCD/LED style TV.

The Panasonic N2QAYB000837 remote control shipped with the Class ST60 series has a logical layout, and the buttons are clear and easy to read. The labeling on the remote allows you to effortlessly control the TV without searching for buttons. It even has a dedicated Netflix button for use with its Smart TV suite.

All in all, this is a solid TV. Panasonic is known for quality, even at a time when the company is perceived to be having problems.

How the Blumoo App Turns Phones into Remotes

How the Blumoo App Turns Phones into Remotes

Unlike most universal remotes, the Blumoo is supposed to function just as if it was the original remote. This is great in the world of dime-a-dozen remote controls. Blumoo is technically not even a remote, but more a Bluetooth dongle.

This means that it needs a smart phone to operate. Once you download the app to your Android or iOS device, you can start using it. Once the dongle is plugged in, the fun happens. The device data is downloaded to the phone over the cellular network or Wi-Fi. Then the infrared signals are sent via the dongle.

According the manufacturer, Flyover Innovations, the device can summon any and all specific controls from almost any device on the market. You can open several windows on the app, allowing you to use several different control functions at once. From its performance at CES, this device is pretty impressive.

The Blumoo also allows you to pull up channel guides from your cable provider. Just enter your zip code and the provider’s name into the app for access to the channel guide. With it, you can look up specific programming and watch it with a click of the “Watch Now” button within the app.

The best feature is saved for last. The dongle includes a 3.5mm audio output jack. This means that you can plug it into your home theater system and stream the music from your phone, iPhone, iPod or other device to your stereo. Devices like this one are going to revolutionize the way universal remotes work.

Cell Phones and Remotes — Who Knew?

It is no surprise that smart phones offer more abilities each year beyond just being a phone. Each year more and more apps come out that push the boundaries between being a phone and being something more. Recently, apps have been released that offer the ability to turn a cell phone into a TV remote control. This phone universal remote is similar to the ones purchased in store, but they are also different in some ways.

The newer Galaxy S4 phones from Samsung offer this ability. They have an app called WatchON that allows the phone to be used as a universal remote. According to Peel Technologies, the app maker, this app works on all televisions. The app comes preinstalled, so all you have to do is set it up. The app programs itself using your TV’s brand and your cable company information, and by using infrared.

This is really no different than purchasing a universal remote from the local electronics store. However, it will not offer the same usability as the manufacturer remote, or offer what the more advanced universal remotes can. All in all, this is a basic remote that you can use when in a pinch.

Though the above example is only available on the Galaxy S4 phones, there are other apps that are available for most other brands of smart phones. These apps work similarly to the WatchON app. They are usually touch screen and have a limited amount of buttons for use. For a better option, a universal remote will offer much more programmability that a cell phone just cannot match at the moment.