Why Traditional Batteries Are Better Than Rechargeable Ones for Remotes

Rechargeable batteries are often a great solution for many electronic devices, as they allow users to reuse the same batteries over and over again, sparing them the cost of buying new batteries. They are not cost-effective for all electronics, however. For TV remotes, traditional alkaline batteries remain the best option.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be re-energized many times, keeping their owners from the time and expense of purchasing new ones. The small cost of recharging batteries using your electric utilities is much cheaper than the cost of purchasing new batteries.

However, rechargeable batteries do not hold charges for as long as traditional batteries do. This means that, when they’re placed in low-draw devices such as remotes, much of their energy is unused. They’ll need to be recharged more often, reducing their lifespan and inconveniencing their owners. A traditional battery is a better option for these devices, as they hold onto their charge for a longer time when not in use.

Rechargeable batteries are much better for electronic devices that are frequently used or draw a lot of power from continuous use, such as video game controllers. Rechargeable batteries and chargers can save consumers a lot of time and money when used in these devices.

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