When Should I Change My Projector Bulb?

If you use a projector to watch TV and movies, you want to make sure you change the projector light bulb at the right time. If you change it before it needs it, you are throwing money away. If you wait too long, then you could damage your projector.

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To help decide “When should I change my projector bulb?” look for these common signs:

1. Colors look faded and are not as vibrant.

As the bulb nears the end of its usefulness, colors will start to appear noticeably less vibrant and rich. They can look faded or be the wrong shade.

2. The images look distorted and not as sharp.

Another effect of the bulb wearing out is that images will appear blurry and distorted.

3. The images look dim.

As the bulb wears out, images will start to appear dimmer and dimmer, until the bulb fails.

4. Images are flickering.

Flickering is when the images will get brighter for a few seconds and then return to normal. It is a sign the bulb is defective and wearing out.

5. The indicator on your projector says to replace the bulb.

Eingeschalteter Beamer (DLP)

Most newer-modeled digital light processing (DLP) projectors have an indicator light on them that will alert you when it is time to replace the blub.

Long before your projector starts showing signs that the bulb needs to be replaced, it is a good idea to order and stock at least two spare bulbs. This way, when it is time to replace the bulb, you won’t have to wait. Always make sure to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement bulbs to avoid damaging your projector.

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