How Do Codes Work on a Universal Remote?

Universal remotes have been commonplace ever since their introduction in 1985. They allow the control of a television or other media when the original remote is not available. There are many different kinds of universal remotes available today, with very high tech remotes available that can control a whole house.

A majority of the older universal remotes require codes to work on the TV and other devices. These remote control codes are listed by brand in the literature included with the remote and online. The codes have to be typed in on the number pad, resulting in multiple codes being tried at times before the correct one is found. This can be tedious.

Many of the newer universal remotes offer a solution to this problem. They will have multiple codes for different brands already programmed in. To use these remotes, a sequence of buttons would be pressed on the keypad. This would cause the remote to search for the right code. If the code cannot be found, there is a chance that a manual code would need to be used.

The high end universal remotes do not use the codes at all. Most of these can clone the controls of an existing remote by scanning it. This is highly effective and very quick to do. If the original remote was lost, the universal remote can be programmed online. This makes setting up the remotes very easy to do. They also offer the most features copied over from the original remote that came with the device.

Hospitality Remotes: Why Choose One?

Hospitality Remotes: Why Choose One?

Televisions in hotel rooms and hospital rooms are commonplace, as are their corresponding remote controls. Consumers use these remotes often during their stay. However, it is also common for these remotes to come up missing or damaged. Companies have several options when this happens, but the easiest solution is to have extra hospitality remotes on hand.

These hospitality remotes are simply universal remotes. They are the no-frills type of remote, and they are very basic in appearances and features. Company logos and custom colors are available on the remotes to represent the company brand. Codes are already programmed into these remotes for many different brands of TV, making setup a breeze. Usually, just pressing a short sequence of numbers will have the remote working fast.

This type of universal remote can be purchased in a clean variety. This means that they are hygienic, making them hospital safe. They will reduce nosocomial infections by at least 99{8c8ae2a71b30a2d8c6f534038a85ab39be2a915945a2526b1de25039d71b9e11}. This is important to protect patients from harmful infections and cross-contamination. The buttons on these remotes do not offer crevasses for germs to get into, also keeping them from being damaged from liquids. Cleaning is easy, too, with just a swipe or two of a cleaning wipe or washcloth.

Companies can order these remotes in bulk. This makes keeping extra remotes on hand very easy. Many universal remote companies sell remotes designated for the hospitality industry. These benefits make it clear why those in the industry would prefer these remotes over the traditional universal remote control. Plus, with these remotes, the original remote control is not needed.

Why Choose a Universal Remote Over a Factory Replacement?

Why Choose a Universal Remote Over a Factory Replacement?

If you are considering a universal remote to replace a factory remote, you have two options. You can order a new factory remote, if available, or you could buy a universal remote. Neither of these choices is wrong. What kind of remote you choose comes down to personal preference.

The factory replacement remote will work all of the features of the device for which you purchased it. However, so will the universal remote. The difference is the number of devices for which each remote can be used. The universal remote will be able to control at least three or four devices, with higher-end remotes being able to do much more.

If you want more features, or a remote that will reduce in number how many remotes upon which you now rely, the universal remote is the best choice. You have the option of a no-frills, multi-brand remote, or a learning remote. With the multi-brand remote, you may not be able to use all the features of your programmed devices. This could lead to problems, later, when you try to use the features. That is why the learning remote is the overall best choice, because of its ability to copy all features from the original remote.

If you have to choose between a universal remote and a factory remote, the universal remote really has more to offer. It can control all of your devices and use all of the advanced features of each one. Then you can finally reduce remote clutter on your table and still operate your devices with ease.

How to Choose the Best Universal Remote

At one point in time, purchasing a universal remote meant that you lost the remote that came with your TV. Many average folks didn’t have other kinds of fancy equipment hooked to their TV. Boy, how times have changed! The average household has at least three different devices hooked to a TV at all times. This means that, including the TV remote, you have 4 remotes hogging space on your couch or coffee table.

The universal remote will solve all of your space issues. With it, you will have one remote that will control everything in your entertainment center. You may already have one of these and not know it. Many cable companies offer multi-brand remotes with their cable boxes. At best, you will have basic control over your devices. However, they do not offer full control over all types of equipment. This means that you still will need to retain those other remotes close at hand for when you need them.

A learning remote is the type of universal remote that you will need to have full control over your TV, Blu-ray player, sound system, and anything else you have hooked up. They can clone any function of the old remote, and this is what makes them the best type of remote. Many types of remotes like this also have special features.

Learning remote special features:

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • PC programming for easy setup
  • Macros
  • Flash memory
  • LCD screens
  • Touch screens

Purchasing a universal remote is worthwhile. The learning type will allow you to fully use all features that only the factory remotes allowed. This means that you can put away the factory remotes for good.

Extend the Life of Your Remote

When your television remote fails, buying a replacement is easy enough. There are numerous websites available that may be able to replace your remote. There are also plenty of universal remotes available at both online and physical stores – and the prices are normally quite affordable. However, who wants to deal with the hassle of having a broken remote? Here are some tips that can help you extend the life of your remote, so you can avoid having to buy a replacement any time soon.

  • Keep your remote away from potential spills. Avoid placing drinks near the remote. Liquid damage is the fastest way to ruin a remote control. If you have small children who are prone to spills, try to use cups with lids to protect your remote, as well as your other electronic devices.
  • Avoid smacking your remote when it fails to respond to the push of a button. The batteries may be dying, and hitting the remote against your hand may give them a jolt – but you also run the risk of damaging the delicate components of the remote. Instead, take the time to replace the batteries.
  • Remember to use fresh, new batteries when needed. You may be tempted to install used batteries from another device – don’t do this. Fresh batteries will provide the right amount of power needed to use your remote. With older batteries, there is always a risk of damage from leakage. 

Keeping these tips in mind will help you ensure that your remote has a long and healthy life in your home. When you do need a replacement, contact us, and we will hook you up with a factory-direct replacement at an affordable price.

Take Time to Understand a New TV and Remote

Take Time to Understand a New TV and Remote

There are new models of televisions hitting the market every day. With these new TVs come new remotes. As technology improves, you can expect your TV remote to keep up with the times and become a bit more complicated. The more features that your TV has, the more buttons there are going to be on your remote. That is why it is important to take some time and get to know your new TV and remote when you buy it.

  • Read the instruction manual. Here, you will find the answers to many of your questions, which can save you from having to contact customer support. Pay special attention the pages that explain how to use the remote.
  • After reading the manual and gaining a thorough understanding of your new TV and its remote, take some time to examine your remote. Learn where the main function keys are located, such as the power button and the buttons for changing channels and adjusting the volume.
  • Make sure your remote has new batteries installed before the first use. Then, turn on your TV and get started with some hands-on experience using the new remote. If you are not sure of how to access a function, refer to your user manual. 

Taking a little bit of extra time to learn about your new TV and remote can save you valuable time in the future. It will also help make your TV-viewing experience more enjoyable, because you will not be scratching your head trying to figure out which button accesses a particular function.

Replace Your Remote Before It Fails

The holidays are gone – but you will still have a need for remote controls throughout the year! Remotes are a part of our everyday lives. We use them to control our TVs, our DVD players, our stereos, and much more. Even air conditioners have remotes nowadays! During the holiday season, your remotes probably got a lot of action. Everyone that visited your home more than likely took a turn changing the channel or adjusting the volume of your TV. Now that everyone is gone, your remote could need to be replaced before it gets worn out. You need your remote for the year to come, so it is better to replace it now than wait for it to break.

Replacement Remotes is the place to go for all of your remote needs. We carry factory-direct remotes that are exact duplicates of your current remote. If your remote has been discontinued, we have quality universals ready to take charge of your device. Our prices are affordable, our shipping is fast, so why wait any longer? Take the plunge, now, before your remote control fails, and invest in a new one.

Investing now in a quality replacement remote will prevent you from feeling frustration in the future. If your remote fails, you will already have another waiting. You can keep the convenience in your life without missing a beat! Contact us today at Replacement Remotes and let us help you place your order. Be sure to ask about our featured products and special, money-saving deals!

From Universal Remotes to Charging Cords

From Universal Remotes to Charging Cords

When you buy a universal remote, you are going to receive with it a list of remote control codes. These codes are used to program the remote to operate your various devices. Now, if you are like most of us, you use those codes once — and then misplace them. So, when your remote needs to be programmed again, you may be out of luck, because the codes are gone. When this happens, you may have to invest in another remote. Here at Replacement Remotes, we have the universals you need to make your life easier, and we also make it easy to get replacement codes when necessary.

By purchasing a universal remote from us, if you lose your codes, we can help you determine which codes you need to get your remote working again. If you would rather have a regular remote that does not need to be programmed, we can help you with that, too. We carry factory-direct remotes that operate hundreds of different devices. All you need to know is your model and brand, and we will find you the appropriate remote control. Whether you want an all-in-one remote, or one made specifically for your device, we have it covered.

Our ordering process is fast and easy, as well as our shipping. Our prices are competitive, and you will often find special deals to save even more money. In addition to remotes, we carry a variety of other useful electronic accessories, such as charging cords. Contact us today to learn more about our line of products.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Remotes

There are many different types of remote controls available. Knowing some of the types of remotes available will help you know which type of replacement you need when a remote control fails. The most common type of remote control has a lot of buttons. Each button operates a specific function of your device. Hospitality remotes have fewer buttons than standard remotes, and you will often find these kinds of remotes in hospitals and waiting rooms. It is important to remember, when buying a replacement, that all remote controls are different. You will need to know the brand and model of your device if you want to find an exact replacement.

If you do not know the brand and model of your device, you can always opt for a universal remote. These types of remotes are made to be programmed to operate multiple devices from one remote. Universals help eliminate the need for several remotes in your hand – you can use your TV, DVD player, and stereo from one remote control! When ordering a replacement remote, know which type of remote you need – a standard, exact duplicate; a streamlined hospitality remote; or a universal remote.

If you need any assistance in placing your remote control order, contact us for help. Our remote control experts are standing by to help you find the best replacement for your remote. Whether you need a specific remote, or are ready to simplify your life with a universal, we have the remote controls to fit your needs.