Four TV Trends for 2017

Just when you thought the latest burst of television innovation was over, 2017 is shaping up to provide consumers with even more leaps in television technology, including advances in OLEDs, increased live streaming of big events, and new features for remote controls.


OLED televisionsThe following are some of the top trends in TV and TV tech for 2017:

  • OLED televisions will usurp LCDs as the TV technology of choice. OLEDs offer a superior color and picture, and the price of OLEDs is finally starting to drop.
  • Get ready for more commercials on streaming services. You didn’t really think ad-free online shows would be around forever, did you? A growing number of brands are investing in ads for online shows. Last year, 37 million U.S. households watched ad-supported shows on connected TVs. That number is expected to grow this year.
  • Expect to see more voice technology in remotes. If you’re tired of having to manually type in the show you’re searching for when using Netflix or Hulu, this application will come in handy. More remotes are expected to offer voice recognition technology, which will allow users to voice command their remotes. The technology has been around but has yet to gain widespread acceptance. This year may be the year.
  • Live streaming of athletic and concert events will pick up steam, as demand grows and technology improves the quality of these presentations.

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