Four Major Benefits of Using a TV Wall Mount

tv display on old brick wall background

For many households, the television is the number-one focal point for entertainment. When placing a TV in a room, one question usually comes first: Is it better to set the television on an entertainment center or mount it on the wall? Before you answer this question for yourself, take a look at four big benefits of using a TV wall mount.

1. More Available Space

Non-mounted TVs require furniture to stand on, which takes up horizontal floor space. A wall mount eliminates the need for such pieces, opening up small rooms and allowing homeowners to use that space for other things.

2. Better Viewing Experience

A wall mount lets you place your TV at the right height for your viewing distance, preventing unnecessary neck strain. It can also reduce glare and provide a clearer path for remote signals.

3. No More Tip-Overs

Wall mounting keeps the television firmly in place, eliminating the risk of tipping over and being damaged. For households with young children and/or pets, this is a major safety benefit.

4. Flexible Movement

A TV on a stand can be awkward to re-position. With an articulating wall mount, you’ll be able to pull out, rotate, and angle the screen as needed with minimal effort.

What Is the Best TV Mount?

The answer depends on your needs. Start exploring your options by browsing our selection of some of the best TV wall mounts on the market.

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