Top 5 Reasons to Buy the Amazon Firestick as a Holiday Gift

The Amazon Firestick is one of the newest remote controls on the market. It offers many functions and conveniences, making it a great gift this holiday season.

Flat Screen TV on White Wooden TV Rack in Living Room

  1. It’s an Actual Remote

So many of today’s hi-tech remote controls are touchscreens. Perhaps you are tired of these or you are getting your screen dirty. The Fire TV stick has old-fashioned remote control buttons. There’s also no unlocking a touchscreen or your phone.

  1. It Works Fast

The older version of the Fire TV Stick and even other smart TVs have some degree of lag. If you want a remote that works instantly, the Amazon Firestick changes channels in an instant. Amazon’s user interface is quite simple as well.

  1. You Can Speak Your Mind

Well, at least about what you want to watch. Just press the microphone button on top of this TV remote control and speak into it. Search for shows, browse the internet, and even search Bollywood films, thanks to Amazon’s voice recognition algorithm that now supports Hindi.

  1. It Has Free Data

You can get not only Amazon Pay credits but also free data. Depending on your broadband plan, you can get up to 240 GB, as well as free streaming. There are no limits as to how much data you can use. With Fire TV, you can set your own caps.

  1. Upgrade an Old TV

You can update an old TV set by plugging in the Fire TV stick, so long as it has an HDMI port. The television will instantly have a Smart TV interface, along with streaming apps. That means access to Netflix, Sony Live, Prime Video, and many more.

Convinced the Amazon Firestick is the gift to give? Find one or replacement remotes today on our website.

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