TVs Versus Monitors: Which Are Better for Gaming?

Gamers face a dizzying array of options these days, with technology improving, morphing, and maturing all the time. Even when it comes to the humble screen, there’s a difficult choice to make: Do you stick with a monitor, or try using a TV?

The answer, as it turns out, depends on you. TVs are perfectly viable as a PC gaming option— it just depends on how you use it. Read on to find out why!

desktop gaming computer setup

The Basic Differences

First, we’ll need to explain the fundamental differences between computer monitors and TVs and how these will affect your gaming experience. These are:

  • Size – Although monitors are getting bigger, they are usually dwarfed by even the most basic of today’s televisions. This means you’ll have to sit farther away.
  • Input response – Due to pre-processing of the video component, many TVs have a delay between keys and mouse clicks and what appears onscreen.
  • Pixel response – This is the measure of how long it takes a pixel in the panel to turn off or on. It is usually higher on TVs, which can lead to blurring for fast-moving scenes.
  • Pixel density – Both monitors and TVs support 1080p and 4K resolutions, but, since TVs are usually much bigger, each pixel will be bigger for the same resolution.
  • Price – A highly competitive market and lower technology requirements mean TVs are normally cheaper than their similarly sized monitor equivalents unless you wait for a gaming monitor sale.

How Do You Game?

On the face of it, it seems that monitors are the obvious choice over TVs for gaming, but that’s not entirely correct. The fact of the matter is that monitors are better for some people and some games, and TVs are better for others. What it comes down to is one question: What kind of gamer are you?

The Competitor

You’re the one who dominates CS:GO and Dota 2 with your lightning-fast reflexes. You’re going to need a screen that can keep pace with you and your mouse, making a monitor the better choice.

The Omnivore

Some days it’s the computer, other days it’s the PS4, and some days you just settle back for eight hours of Netflix. If you’re a gamer who will play anything and everything, a TV will make it simpler to switch—and take up less room than multiple monitors.

The Strategist

Find yourself often hunched over a war game, CRPG, or roguelike? Then you probably need to be able to read the tiny stats and tooltips, making the pixel density and proximity of a monitor a no-brainer.

group of friends play video games together at home

The Party Animal

Why play alone when you can play with friends? Those of you with a fondness for split-screen gaming and a few controllers already in the drawer will find that TVs have much more room for fun than a monitor.

The Spectacle Lover

The only reason you game is for the jaw-dropping scenery, the epic battles, and all the things that loudly go boom. You want to sit back and be blown away, and a huge TV is perfect for that.

Whatever the Decision, You’re in Control

With different advantages and disadvantages to each, there’s no clear winner in the TV vs. gaming monitor fight. Whatever your ultimate choice, you’re in control with ReplacementRemotes. With remote controls and accessories for every screen, we’re your number-one store for making your gaming experience perfect. Take a look through today to find out why!

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