The Vizio P2ui-B Series: A Budget 4K HDTV

The Vizio P2ui-B series is one of the few budget 4K resolution TVs available, and it shows in some ways, such as the lackluster TV remote and design. However, the picture quality looks far from cheap. For gamers, it offers very low input lag, even compared to plasma screens. Its picture quality is also pretty good for a $2,000 4K TV. The included features are also decent, which include Smart TV suite, HDMI inputs, 4K streaming capabilities, and the usual connections (USB, Component, and Composite).

The TV offers a minimalistic design that is definitely not top of the line, but it also does not look as cheap as a $200 budget TV. This series is much thicker than many other HDTVs, due to the direct backlighting, which is a drawback to its design. The outside bezel is also thicker, and it is a dark, featureless gray. The remote that comes with this HDTV is mostly featureless. It does not offer backlighting, the keys are close together, and the keys around the cursor make using it difficult. It does offer a QWERTY keyboard that works quite well, which makes navigating the smart TV suite easy.


  • 4K resolution at a cheap price
  • Deep black levels and good contrast
  • Color accuracy is good and video processing is okay
  • Very low input lag
  • Excellent features


  • Video processing makes picture worse at times
  • Picture too sharp
  • Screen artifacts

Bottom Line:

This 4K TV is a good one, especially for those who are budget conscious. Many of the video processing issues will hopefully be addressed in a future software update.

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