Vizio and Their Excellent TVs: The M1d-A2R

The Vizio M1d-A2R and the TV remote for it seem to have little in common, which is odd for this TV brand. The TV itself is an exceptional value for just under $2,000 for a 55-inch screen. The brand was once considered a budget one, in line with TCL and other similar brands. This first TV in the M series is one of the models that are making strides towards a more high-end style. For the price, this Vizio HDTV offers an excellent picture and a nice set of features.

Prior to this model, most Vizio TVs looked cheap. This one does not at all. It has a barely-there bezel that resembles the bezel of a smartphone. The ends are brushed aluminum, rivaling many of LG’s HDTV designs. Even the Vizio logo is subtle at the bottom right corner of the TV. Its stand is simple, yet effective, and leaves the TV looking similar to a computer monitor. However, the remote that comes with the M1d-A2R is less than stunning. It looks promising, with it being a good size and having all the buttons in the right places, but its performance underwhelms. It has backlighting, but no dedicated button, so you have to press blindly for it to work. It is also sluggish, and it freezes.


  • Great value
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Good shadow detail
  • Deep black levels
  • Great processing
  • Smart TV suite
  • Nice design


  • Some apps are sluggish
  • Remote is not great
  • Has a slight red push
  • Screen is very reflective

Bottom Line:

This is a great TV to own. The design and the features included, with the generally low price tag, are a win.

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