The LG LA6200 Series: Budget Large HDTV with Performance Problems

Armed with the standard LG TV remote control, the LA6200 series is a large, budget-friendly TV with a few performance issues. The picture quality is the not greatest, and it makes this TV not such a great value, especially with its $1,000 price tag. The smart TV suite is one of the best qualities of this HDTV. Consumers can customize it, which is something that all TVs do not offer.

Aside of the picture issues, this TV looks smart and sophisticated. It comes with a thin, dark bezel and has a wide profile due to its direct-lit LED screen. The stand makes the TV look as if it is floating, and it swivels — an extra feature that many HDTVs do not offer. Many consumers prefer the motion control remote that LG offers, but this TV does not come with it. Instead, it comes with the standard LG remote, which is a good remote, but it has few features. Though the remote works well, it does not work well with the Smart TV menu, which takes many clicks to get to many apps and features.


  • Great looking design
  • Smart TV suite
  • Accurate color
  • 3D compatible with 4 pairs of glasses


  • Poor picture quality
  • Not as good video processing
  • Poor 3D image
  • Smart interface not easily navigable
  • Poor bright-room image

Bottom Line:

This HDTV is somewhat of a budget model, compared to many of the big-ticket TVs that are out in the market. Its features are okay, but there are many other TVs that are a much better value. Much of the competition has a better picture and better features for around the same price or less.

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