The Outrageous Samsung UNS9 Series

TVs and remotes like this just don’t come along very often. The UNS9 series is outrageous and huge. It’s the new 85-inch 4K Ultra HDTV from Samsung. This TV carries the latest technology — but at a cost — $40,000. Not for the average Joe, this TV is a staple for the ultra-rich. As of the moment, it is one of the few 4K TVs on the market.

The TV has an unusual look, with an artist-easel-type stand. On it, the TV can pivot up or down. It looks different from the average television, and the stand makes it look larger. One bit of good news is that this TV has the new OneConnect box. This box allows for easy repair of the TV, just by replacing the box. It offers a great picture for the money and has full Smart TV features.

The TV has the new Smart Touch Remote. It is a sleek, silver remote with a touch pad in the center. The remote contains a microphone, which allows you to communicate with the TV. Yes, you can talk to this new television. Its voice control is pretty good, allowing you to navigate apps.


  • Great, deep blacks and no issues with deep black and white
  • Still images look great
  • LED backlighting
  • Excellent app selection
  • Smart TV


  • Price
  • Some color inconsistency

Bottom Line:

If you have the money sitting around, buy this TV. For all the average Joes out there, wait for other new 4K TVs to come out. Regardless, though, this is one heck of a television.

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