Keep Losing Your Remotes? Check Out These TV Remote Control Storage Ideas

Nothing is more troubling than to go to turn on the big game or sit down to binge-watch your favorite program only to not be able to find the remote control. You start checking down the sides of the sofa and chairs. You get on the floor and try looking under furniture.

As funny as it might sound, you may even look in the refrigerator or bathroom. After searching for what seems like hours—or days—you may get lucky or you might be left having to try to figure out how to turn the TV on without a TV remote control.

Fortunately, there are several great storage ideas to help prevent lost remotes, including:

1. Wall Mount Clips

Wall mount clips are special holders you mount to the wall. You could also mount them to the side of an end table. When you are done using the remote, you just slide it back into the clip.

2. Velcro Strips

Attach some Velcro to the bottom of the remote and the other part to an end table or coffee table within reach. The Velcro will hold the remote in place and prevent it from getting knocked off the table or lost down the sides of the sofa or chairs.

Many remote control devices in in hands

3. Tie a String on It

There are special “cables” you can use to attach one end to the remote and the other to a piece of furniture. All you have to do is follow the cable from one end to the other to find the remote.

4. Sofa/Chair Caddy

There are special caddies that hang off the side of sofas and chairs with pockets in them for storing remotes, magazines, books, and other such essential items you want to keep nearby.

5. Keep a Spare Universal Remote on Hand

Invest in a universal remote control that you keep stored away in a drawer or another location you can use as a backup when you misplace one of your remote controls.

We hope these storage ideas help you stop losing your remotes. To find wall mount clips, universal remotes, and TV remote controls, please feel free to browse online at Replacements Remotes or contact us at 855-573-6683 today!

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