Everything You Need to Know About Universal Remote Controls

You’re probably used to operating the TV and other electronics with a remote control. Universal remote controls take things to a new level. When they’re lost or they break, you’ll need a replacement TV remote that can also regain control of your TV, CD/DVD player, DVR, cable/satellite box, soundbar, game console, and/or home theater system.

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How Do Universal Remote Controls Work?

Universal remotes typically send infrared light, at your command, to a receiver (some use radio frequency signals, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth). They differ from standard remotes in that they save codes for different devices. A programmable memory lets these devices communicate with multiple gadgets. Instead of three, four, or more remote controls, you can get by with just one.


The types of universal remote controls available include:

  • Pre-programmed: A remote that can be used with certain devices from select brands or those made by a specific manufacturer.
  • Learning: Can learn and mimic commands and individual functions from other remotes by pointing one device at another.
  • Programmable (code/no-code): Some remotes require a special code to be typed in; others scan for a code when you follow the proper steps.


Some universal remotes look like traditional remote controls. However, newer models with digital LCD touchscreens let you access features like you would on a smartphone. Higher-end models may have USB ports, enabling set-up via a computer, and they support access to a wider range of features on more devices.

Find Your Universal Remote at Replacement Remotes

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