Boosting Your Wi-Fi Signal for Superior Streaming

Just about everyone who’s watched a movie or TV show on Netflix has run into connection issues that have slowed their entertainment to a crawl. Improving Wi-Fi strength can help folks who enjoy streaming movies and television get reliable access to their favorite shows and films.

If you’d like to boost your Wi-Fi strength, consider these tips:

  • Optimal placement – Your Wi-Fi signal strength will be weak if you have it placed in a cabinet or in a corner behind the couch. For the best signal, place your router in a high place with plenty of space. The top of a bookshelf is great, as is mounting the device on a wall.
  • Replace your antenna – You can coax greater performance from your router by installing a better antenna. Many Wi-Fi routers come with very basic antennas. Upgrading to a newer, higher quality antenna can help you get better performance from your device. Replacing antennas is usually pretty easy and only takes a few minutes.
  • Update your firmware – Router manufacturers are frequently finding tweaks to improve Wi-Fi strength. If you haven’t updated your router in a while, you may be missing out. Check out your router’s product documentation or go online to find out how to update your device. is a provider of new and refurbished TV remote controls for a wide variety of televisions and other electronics. In addition to remotes, the company also provides TV stands, accessories, replacement product manuals, lights, and other accessories. The company also operates a repair service for remotes and other devices. To learn more, contact 1-877-671-7173.

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