Balancing TV Watching in the Family

Among a family’s entertainment options, TV watching is often at the top of the list. Balancing the diverse options on the family’s TV can seem challenging, with so many choices from recordings on the DVR to streaming movies over the internet or playing games on apps on your smart TV.

Family watching Television together

To help make sure everyone gets to enjoy their favorites and to help prevent fighting over who gets to control the TV remote, we recommend the following tips:

  1. Limit viewing to two hours each evening after dinner.
  2. While watching TV, put away all other electronic devices, including smartphones.
  3. Allow each family member to choose the movie, programs, or games on a different night of the week.
  4. Make the weekend’s family movie nights, complete with popcorn.
  5. Never leave the TV on as background noise.
  6. Use TV watching as a reward for completing homework assignments and chores around the house.
  7. If you allow your children to watch an hour of afternoon kids’ shows, sit down and watch a few episodes with them to make sure they are age appropriate.
  8. Remember to use parental controls to block inappropriate channels.

After watching TV for the evening, shut the TV off and make this quiet time, with no electronic devices to help your kids fall asleep faster and easier. If you need a new remote control for your TV or other entertainment devices, remember to call at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683) for help selecting the right remote for your devices.

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