Summer House Party Checklist

As you are preparing to entertain family, friends, and guests in your home this summer, you will want to make a checklist to help keep you on schedule and ensure your parties are a success.

Pre-Party Checklist

  • Verify all Entertainment System Devices and Remotes Are Working
  • Make a Guest List
  • Send Out Invitations and Request an RSVP
  • Decide What Type of Party You Want to Host (i.e., pool party, dinner, brunch, etc.)
  • Decide What Food/Beverages You Are Serving
  • Verify You Have Plenty of Serving Dishes
  • Make a Grocery List
  • Go Shopping
  • Pick Up Decorations
  • Make a Music Playlist
  • Dust, Vacuum, Mop, and Clean

Day-Of Party Checklist

  • Finalize Any Decorating
  • Stock Bathrooms
  • Charge Up Cameras and Smartphones
  • Have Extra Batteries on Hand for Remote Controls
  • Complete All Food/Beverage Prep in the Morning
  • Pick Up Bags of Ice for Coolers and Cold Beverages
  • Set Up Different Trash Bags for Waste and Recyclables

Summer House Party Checklist

Keep in mind, depending on the number of guests and type of event (i.e., 4th of July cookout or a birthday party), the types of foods/beverages you serve and decorations often vary. TIP: If you are not big on decorating, a great way to liven up indoor and outdoor spaces is with some live green plants and fresh flowers!

If you discover your TV and entertainment remotes are not working, you can order new ones from or call us at 1-855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683) today to ensure they arrive in time for your summer party!

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