As a Remote Control Replacement, Is the Apple Watch Useful?

If you own an Apple Watch, you already know that it offers a wide range of features and options that integrate with various apps on your iPhone, iPad, and other brands of smart devices. One feature that Apple makes available is the ability to use your Apple Watch as a remote control replacement for certain brands of TVs and streaming devices.

For instance, if you have the SamMot app on your smartphone, you can integrate the features in the app with your Apple Watch. The integrated features make it possible to use the Apple Watch as a remote control for your Samsung smart TV.

Another entertainment device you can control using your Apple Watch is your Apple TV streaming box. You can stream music, pictures, on-demand movies, television programs, and more. You can even use Apple’s AirPlay to access videos, music, and images on other devices and view them on your TV through the Apple TV box.


With an Apple Watch, Do I Still Need a Replacement TV Remote?

old apple tv remote

Just like other smart devices, you do need to charge your Apple Watch. What if you are in the middle of your favorite program and the watch powers down? You will not be able to control any of the features on your TV or streaming box device.

Having access to a replacement TV remote is a good idea. Even if you use your Apple Watch most of the time, you really do not want to leave your watch lying around for your kids or guests to use. By having a remote control replacement available, it makes it easier to control your TV, streaming box, and other devices.

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