Man adjusting temperature of air conditioner

Why You Should Choose a Mini-Split over a Traditional AC Unit

Man adjusting temperature of air conditioner

You have a few options when you need to replace your air conditioner. You could choose a traditional AC unit or a mini-split system. Both options will help keep your home cool, but you need to consider some key differences between the two systems.

What Is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split is an air conditioner that does not require any ductwork. It also does not have to be placed in a window. Instead, it is usually installed up high on a wall, allowing the unit to fully cool the entire room.

A system consists of an outdoor condenser unit connected to individual indoor units in each room inside the house. For example, you would have one indoor unit in the living room, one unit per bedroom, and one unit anywhere else in the home you wanted to cool. These are all connected to the outdoor condenser unit.

What Is a Traditional AC Unit?

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A traditional AC unit has a single outdoor unit connected to duct work to cool the entire home. The outdoor unit can be a single system that also heats or is connected to a furnace located inside the house. As such, this type of setup is commonly referred to as central heating and cooling.

How Does a Mini-Split Work?

A ductless mini-split works similarly to a heat pump. However, there is no ductwork required. Instead, the system consists of three components—the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, and coolant lines that connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit. When you have multiple indoor units in the house, each one will have coolant lines connected to the single outdoor unit.

When the indoor unit turns on, it draws coolant from the outdoor unit and passes it through cooling coils. As the warm air passes over the cooling coils, it becomes colder and is recirculated back into the room.

Next, the coolant is returned to the outdoor unit, where heat is released. The cooled coolant is then drawn back into the indoor unit. This process continues until the desired temperature for the room is reached.

How Does a Traditional Air Conditioner Work?

A traditional air conditioner is controlled by a central thermostat located in the house. When the indoor temperature gets warmer than the preset temperature, it signals the outdoor unit to turn on. The AC forces cooled air into the home through ductwork that blows out of register vents in every room in the house.

As warm air is returned to the outdoor unit via a return air duct, it cools the air by blowing it over cooling coils filled with coolant. Then it returns the cooled air indoors. The process continues until the desired indoor temperature is reached.

How Is a Ductless Mini Split System Different?

The key difference between a ductless mini split system and a traditional air conditioner is there are individual mini split units in each room you want to cool. Instead of a single system cooling your home to the same temperature, you can set individual temperatures for each room with a mini split system.

So, during the day when you are not using your bedrooms, you can turn the temperature up to save on electricity while keeping the living room, dining room, or kitchen cooler. Mini split systems are also more energy efficient because you can individually control the temperatures in each room.

Other Benefits of Mini Split Systems

Easier to Repair and Replace

Unlike a traditional air conditioner, where your home cannot be cooled if there is a problem with the outdoor unit, mini split systems operate independently. So, if one unit in one room is having an issue, the other units will continue to cool the rooms where they are installed.

Additionally, if you need to replace an indoor unit, you only have to replace the defective one, whereas with a regular AC unit you have to replace the outdoor unit, which is more expensive than a single indoor unit.

Provides a Single System for Cooling and Heating

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Another benefit you gain with mini split cooling systems is the added benefit of heating in the winter. You do not need a separate furnace to heat your home. Since the system functions similarly to a heat pump, it is fully capable of cooling and heating.

More Precise Temperature Control

The ability to control temperatures in each room provides more precision heating or cooling compared to a traditional heating and cooling system. For example, with a traditional system, you may have some rooms that are always warmer or colder than others. With a mini split, each room is heated or cooled to the precise temperature set on the unit.

Not Any Louder Than a Traditional System

Most of the sound the system makes will come from the outdoor unit. As a result, mini splits operate almost silently. Some units have a “silent mode” option to make the blower fan even quieter.

Better Indoor Air Quality

With a traditional air conditioner system, the only filtration occurs through a single filter at the return air duct. While some systems have a secondary filter, it still does not remove every impurity from indoor air.

On the other hand, each mini-split unit has its own air filter. Since the air in each room is filtered by a single unit, more impurities are removed from indoor air. Therefore, your indoor air quality is much improved.

Has the Best SEER Ratings

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SEER ratings have to do with the energy efficiency of cooling systems. Traditional AC systems typically range between 15 and 20. In comparison, mini-splits have SEER ratings that start in the 20s and go into the 30s.

Easy to Control with a Universal Remote Control

No matter how many mini split units are installed in your home, you can control the settings on each unit using a single, universal remote control.

Replacement Remotes for Your Mini Split Units

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