What Is the Best Size Monitor for Gaming?

When you use your computer for gaming, whether it is for single-player or competitive gaming, you want to make sure your display is able to support the game’s output. Some games require higher resolutions for a truly immersive gaming experience. Other games can require a wider field of view and a larger screen to see everything that is being displayed fully. So, having the right gaming monitor is essential.

What You Should Look for in a Gaming Monitor

There are several factors to determine what features you want in your gaming monitor, as follows:

Type of Monitor

There are flat screen, widescreen, and curved screen monitors.

Size of Monitor

Monitor sizes include 24-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch, and  34- to 38-inch. There are also ultrawide 49-inch gaming monitors and large screen 48-inch monitors.

Display Resolution

Another factor to consider is the display resolution. Gaming monitors offer varied resolutions, such as 720p (HD) and 1080p monitors (Full HD). However, if you want 4k resolution, you want a monitor with at least a pixel density of 3840 x 2160 or higher.

Refresh Rate

The monitor’s refresh rate determines the frames per second (FPS) the monitor can display. While refresh rates vary from 60Hz to 240Hz, it will not make much difference if you do not have a graphic processing unit (GPU) to support the refresh rate. Once you determine how many FPS your GPU can support, then you want to get the highest FPS possible.

Response Time

The response time refers to the lag time between the computer and the output to the display. Ideally, you want a lower response time for smoother resolution.

Panel Technology

You need to decide what monitor panel technology you want. Two of the more common options are TN and IPS. TN is an older technology that provides access to budget-friendly monitors. However, the drawback is they have higher response times, so the graphics in games may look blurry.

IP offers slower refresh rates, so colors are more vivid and images are more vibrant. Plus, they provide better viewing from different angles.

Adaptive Sync

Adaptive sync automatically adjusts refresh rates to match the GPU’s processing speeds to prevent display lag and avoid screen tearing and game stutters.

Decide What Features You Desire the Most

Now that you know more about the different features available in gaming monitors, your next step is to make a list of which ones you want. For example, if your GPU cannot support a 240Hz refresh rate, then there is no point in looking at monitors that support this rate.

Next, if you have limited screen space, you may have to look at 24-inch monitors or 27-inch monitors. On the other hand, if space is not an issue, then you should consider 32-inch monitors or larger monitors.

Additionally, you need to decide how important the display resolution is to you. At the very least, you should go for a full HD gaming monitor, which is 1080p resolution. Furthermore, before investing in 4k monitors, verify your computer can support 4k output.

You should also base your decisions on what type of gamer you are. For example, if you are a casual gamer, you may not need higher refresh rates. Conversely, if you are into competitive gaming, you want the highest refresh rates possible.

In addition, remember that display output, whether on small or large screens, is directly related to your computer’s hardware, compatibility, and slowest component. For instance, if you get a gaming monitor with all the bells and whistles, yet your GPU is older, you will not be able to enjoy the full capabilities of your new gaming monitor.

Last, take the time to do some research, read reviews, and visit your local computer store to check out gaming monitors in action.

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