USB Thumb Drive Uses and Ideas to Improve Your Business

USB flash drives and thumb drives provide you with a wide range of thumb drive uses and ideas to improve your business. While you might already be using flash drives to transfer data for storage or easily share it between computers, there are several other great ways to put USB flash drives to work for your business.

1. Use branded flash drives for marketing purposes.

You can give away USB drives that are preloaded with your business card, mobile app demonstration, and other such marketing materials to entice and attract new business and repeat business as part of a promotion. You could even use it as part of a contest, where each drive has a coupon or deal on it and one has the “grand prize.”

2. Use flash drives for two-factor authentication.

If you are worried about computer and network security, USB flash drives are a great tool to use for two-factor authentication. The drive contains the “key” to unlock the computer after the username and password have been entered. Plus, each employee can have their own unique “key.”

Business & online shopping e-commerce icon on USB drive

3. Put sales presentations on USB thumb drives.

You can put sales presentations for your salespeople to use, so that all presentations are the same, no matter who does the presentation. You can also pass thumb drives out with the presentations, brochures, and product literature at tradeshows and conferences.

4. Load product installation and use videos on thumb drives.

You can include a thumb drive that is preloaded with product installation videos service technicians or your customers can use to install and configure their new product.

5. Select drives that fit your brand, logo, or product colors.

Make sure the drives you use fit your brand image, logo, or product colors so customers will better associate those with your business. You will also want to put other customizations on the drives like your business name, website, and phone number.

We hope these thumb drive uses have sparked your imagination to come up with even more great ideas to improve your business with flash drives. To find USB drives for these uses and more, please feel free to shop online at Replacement Remotes today! You can also call us at 855-573-6683 for further assistance.

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