What Is a Flash Drive Used For?

There are plenty of uses for a portable flash drive. Most people are familiar with USB flash drives that plug into the USB ports on their computers or portable devices. Numerous people use these drives for storing backups of their files. Yet, there are plenty of other cool uses for USB flash drives.

1. Use it as a key to unlock your computer.

A USB drive can be used for two-factor authentication to help keep the data on your computer more secure. With the drive, even if someone knows your password, they cannot log onto the computer.

2. Use it to stand out when looking for a job.

Put your resume, video presentation, professional references, and other relevant information tailored to the job you applied for. By sending a USB drive to the employer, they will remember you better, and it could even land you the job.

3. Use it to give your computer a speed boost.

You can use a USB drive as virtual memory to provide more available memory for your computer to use. There are also various apps that can be used to do the same thing.

hand with usb flash drive inserting it into laptop computer closeup

4. Run portable applications on any computer.

You can download Google Chrome, games, secure browsing apps, antivirus apps, and more, and run these directly from the portable flash drive without having to install anything onto the computer you are using.

5. Remove spyware, malware, and viruses from your computer.

If your computer gets infected, having your anti-virus app on a USB drive will make it easier to remove these things from your computer.

6. Create a backup/recovery program for your operating system.

If your computer’s operating system crashes, having a backup/recovery program is useful to try to repair the operating system and get the computer back up and running.

This is just a sampling of the cool uses for USB flash drives. To get USB drives for these uses and more, please feel free to shop online at Replacement Remotes today! You can also call us at 855-573-6683 for further assistance.

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