Traditional TV & Streaming Service Converging

Television is in the process of a great transition, with traditional TV networks jumping on the streaming bandwagon, offering new ways to consume their content instead of broadcasting them and then letting a streaming service pick them up later.

A growing number of television networks are creating their own streaming applications that allow consumers to watch their fare without a cable subscription. Viewers can either watch the shows for free, or pay a fee for the service. The end result is that viewers have more choices than ever, as they can access just about anything from their TV remotes.

Many of the hottest shows on traditional broadcast and cable networks are available online the same day they are shown on traditional TV. Streaming services are also upending the old system of TV seasons by making entire seasons of their original content available at one time.

In recent years, the growth of streaming services has outpaced that of traditional cable. In 2015, revenues for streaming services grew 29 percent, while cable TV revenues grew by just 3 percent. Cable revenues still greatly outweigh streaming service revenues, but, in time, the opposite will very likely be the case. sells new and refurbished TV remote controls for a wide variety of televisions and other electronic devices. The company also provides TV stands, accessories, replacement product manuals, lights, and other accessories. The company also operates a repair service for remotes and other devices. To learn more, contact 1-877-671-7173.