The Top TV Remote Designs of 2017

There are a lot of universal TV remotes out there. While we hate to complain about having too many choices, finding the right remote for you when there are so many options available can be difficult. That’s why we put together this helpful list of the best remotes on the market in 2017.

Top TV Remote DesignsLogitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is, quite simply, one of the best pieces of home entertainment center technology ever created. It comes with a full-color touchscreen and a super convenient “one touch” activity button, syncs up with Amazon’s Alexa devices and the Harmony app, and allows for voice control for up to 15 home entertainment devices. Even better, it allows you to control your home entertainment systems from anywhere in the house—no direct line of sight needed.

GE 33709

If there’s one downside to the Logitech Harmony Elite, it’s that it’s pretty expensive. If you’re not ready to spend quite that much on a remote, there’s always the GE 33709. It’s capable of controlling up to four different audio and video components, has an easy hardware selection tool, and can last for months on a single set of AAA batteries. Its extensive code library means it’s pretty much guaranteed to work with appliances from all major manufacturers, too.

Inteset INT-411 4-in-1

For people who love their streaming media, the Inteset INT-411 4-in-1 is hard to say no to. It’s programmed to work with Apple TV, Xbox One, Media Center, and Roku right out of the box, and allows users to program up to 32 commands onto a single button. Another feature is the channel lock to keep kids from watching channels with inappropriate content.

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