Television Technology – The Latest Advancements in How We Consume Entertainment

The way we watch TV has changed a lot in the last two decades. If you thought that things were finally settling down, however, you might be in for a big shock. As the way we consume entertainment content continues to evolve, these big changes will be making a significant impact in the next few years.

Skinny Bundles

It’s no surprise that once streaming services became available, people abandoned cable in droves. Why keep paying for a service that was the butt of the joke, “hundreds of channels, and nothing to watch”? It took a while, but cable companies are finally listening. They’re now offering what are known as “skinny bundles”—cable packages with a reduced channel lineup and (most importantly) a reduced price.

Smart Tech

In a few decades, the release of AI-powered home assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa will be remembered as a watershed moment in technology. For now, we’ll just have to appreciate how these handy devices make using home entertainment systems more convenient than ever. Of the many things Alexa is capable of, one is integrating with home entertainment technology, allowing users a new level of control over their TVs and stereo systems—including voice controls.

Entertainment technologyVR and AR

Why watch a movie when you can be in a movie? While VR is still in its infancy, that hasn’t stopped entertainment executives from announcing they plan to use the burgeoning technology to create interactive shows and movies that let “viewers” take part in the action. Once these plans come to fruition, it will be a true sea change in how we experience media.

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