The Streaming Stick: Streaming TV with a Small Footprint

For such a small streaming stick, it sure has a large TV remote. All joking aside, the Roku Streaming Stick offers something new and different to the world of streaming TV. This compact device is very small, similar in size to a USB flash drive. It connects to an HDMI port on the back of the TV, making the Roku stick invisible. However, some users report that they have to use an HDMI adapter with the Roku Stick.

The stick retails for $50, $15 more than the Chromecast, manufactured by Google. One of the main differences includes the remote, a better interface, and over 1,200 apps to choose from. The remote is the same one offered with the other Roku devices – simple, yet effective. However, users do question the included Blockbuster shortcut button.


  • 1,200 apps to keep you busy
  • Compact, takes up no space
  • Has a great interface
  • Has a real remote, and a remote app for the smartphone
  • Great performance in apps
  • Smartphone control


  • Some apps load very slowly
  • Remote lacks popular features from previous Roku boxes, such as the headphone jack
  • The Roku Stick requires power, through a USB port or power adapter, leading to cord clutter
  • Does not work with universal remotes

Bottom Line:

Considering the price of the Roku Stick and what you get with it, the price is worth it. The streaming device does far more good things versus the drawbacks. Even many of the drawbacks are nit-picky, other than the speed issue.

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