The Sharp LC-LE757U Series HDTVs

For a middle of the road HDTV, the Sharp LC-LE757U series LCD TVs offer a mixed bag of features along with a handy TV remote. For under $2,000 for a large HDTV, you really cannot expect a lot, especially with all of the new 4K TVs rolling out later this year and next. However, this TV does do a pretty good job and offers some great features, but there are also a few small drawbacks.

The series offers HDTVs in 60, 70 and 80 inches. The TV’s design is sleeker and nicer than most of Sharp’s other TVs. It is also a very thin TV, thinner than most others are. The TV remote is a thin wand that offers up many buttons. There are shortcut buttons for the Smart TV and Netflix, and three others that you can customize.


  • Active 3D playback
  • Smart TV service
  • Extensive list of apps
  • Picture management settings
  • 4 HDMI ports


  • Poor picture quality for the price
  • Inaccurate colors
  • Black levels too light
  • 3D picture quality is worse than most competitors

Bottom Line:

The TV offers a lot of great settings, but the picture quality is not reminiscent of the price you pay for it. Great settings are not everything, and this TV makes it abundantly clear. Watching TV on it is difficult due to all the ghosting, the blue tinge and less than perfect black levels. Many other competing HDTVs offer better performance at even lower price points than this model. Alternatively, since you are spending the money, go for a TV at a little higher price point to really enjoy the marriage of great picture quality and features.

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