Quantum Dots: A Leap into the Future of TV

Quantum dot televisions are getting a lot of buzz in tech circles as an alternative to high-end OLED television sets. A cost-effective substitute to these higher end televisions, quantum dot sets are beginning to pick up traction on the consumer market.

Quantum dots are light generating nanocrystals that suck up the light of one wavelength and convert it to another. When added above the backlight layer in an LED television, the crystals will break down light shone through them to produce a light containing all the colors of the spectrum. The end result is improved picture quality and richer colors.

While quantum dot televisions will likely be more expensive than traditional LCD TV sets, they will likely have a price advantage over OLED televisions. Quantum dot sets are less difficult to manufacture than OLEDs, making them less expensive. While OLEDs still have several advantages over quantum dot televisions, in terms of viewing angles and contrast, quantum dot sets offer a comparable gamut of color, making them a good choice for consumers.

For consumers searching for great deals on reliable quantum dot TVs and related products, finding a trustworthy online provider can help.

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