How to Know When It’s Time to Change Your Projector Bulb

If you use a projector (either at home or in the office), knowing when it’s time to change the bulb is an important piece of knowledge. If you change the bulb too early, you’re wasting money. If you don’t change it soon enough, you might end up burning out the bulb and having to wait to use the projector until a new one arrives, or even end up causing damage to the unit by not replacing a worn-out bulb.

Not sure what signs to look for when judging whether or not it’s time to change a projector bulb? Here are some tips you should know:

  • You have to switch the projector on more than once to get the lamp to work – If you find yourself having to turn the projector on and off two or three times to get the bulb to light up, that’s probably a sign that the current bulb is on its way out.
  • The projector makes a clicking noise before the lamp activates – Does the lamp take a few seconds to activate, and makes a clicking sound before it powers up? Then it’s probably time to replace the bulb.
  • Images appear dimmer – If images appear dimmer or out of focus, then the most likely cause is that the bulb is at the end of its lifecycle.

If you own a newer model projector, the good news is that most manufacturers now include a lamp indicator on their projectors. Keep an eye on this indicator so that you can stay on top of ordering new bulbs.

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