Four Tips for Productive Television Time

You don’t have to feel guilty about plunking down in front of your home entertainment center for a few hours. Television time can be productive, as you can turn entertainment downtime into uptime used to complete easy, but often time-consuming tasks.

Consider the following ways to make TV time more productive:

  • Do your laundry – When your favorite shows are on, take care of a few loads of laundry. You can sort while you watch, pop them in the washer during a commercial, pop them in the dryer when they’re done, and fold while enjoying your favorite sporting events, movies, or shows.
  • Make schedules and lists – While watching television, you can plan your week. Sit down with your calendar and make grocery lists, cooking plans, and other schedules while watching your favorite shows. If a little more focus is required, work on the schedules and lists during a commercial break.
  • Pay your bills – Go online and pay your bills while watching television. Logging in and entering your info won’t take too much focus away from what’s happening on screen.
  • Organize your wallet or purse – Rearrange your wallet or purse to make it easier to find your ID and credit cards. Take the time to get rid of business cards, old gum, and other things you don’t need. sells new and refurbished TV remote controls for a wide variety of televisions and other electronic devices. The company also provides TV stands, accessories, replacement product manuals, lights, and other accessories. The company also operates a repair service for remotes and other devices. To learn more, contact 1-877-671-7173.


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