ANDERIC Simple DirecTv/Cable Box 2-Device Universal Remote Makes TV Simple

Modern home entertainment centers are rife with a confusing array of TV remotes and other remote controls. One for the television. One for the Blu-Ray player. One for the cable box. One for the stereo system. And let’s not even get started on gaming console controls.

Lose any one of these controls and you’re likely to spend an hour digging through your couch and turning your home upside down before you can watch your favorite shows or listen to your favorite music. For owners of hotels and other hospitality establishments, the trouble of keeping up with multiple remotes for multiple devices in multiple rooms is also a tough and expensive task.

The ANDERIC remote is helping people streamline their controls, combining the functions of several devices into one, easy-to-use remote. With this device, home users will spend less time having to search for lost remotes and figuring out complicated remotes. Hotel users will also have interchangeable and secure remotes for their facilities.

A major problem with remote controls is that they often have so many buttons it’s hard to find the ones that you really need. The ANDERIC remote narrows down the list of buttons, providing users with the core functions they need to operate their devices.

This universal remote works with a wide variety of televisions, DVD and Blu-Ray players, cable boxes, and other devices.

Hotels and hospitality industry professionals can also buy the ANDERIC remote with a security cable that can be attached to surfaces in hotel rooms or lobby areas, reducing the risk of theft or loss of the devices. sells new and refurbished remote control devices for a wide variety of electronic devices. In addition to remotes, the company also provides TV stands, accessories, replacement product manuals, lights, and much more. The company also operates a repair service for certain devices. To learn more, contact 1-877-671-7173.

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