3 Products That Have Made Life Easier

It’s easy to take technology for granted. We’re surrounded by it all the time, and many amazing tools that were once considered technological marvels are now just a part of our regular routine. When you stop and think about it, however, you realize just how much easier these gadgets make our daily lives. Gadgets like …


If you traveled back in time just 20 years and told people they would soon be able to make digital recordings of TV shows to watch and keep whenever they wanted, they probably wouldn’t believe you. Yet, nowadays, we take it for granted that we can watch a show when we choose, not when broadcast schedulers decide it should air.

Smart Phones

At this point, it’s easier to list the things that smart phone can’t do than what they can. Need to check your email? Want to listen to your favorite song? Desperate to catch up on the news or find out the scores to the big game? Your smart phone can do all that, and so much more.

Remote Controls

There was a time when the most a remote control could do was turn on the TV, change the channel, or adjust the volume. How far we’ve come since then. Remotes can now control a whole range of devices, and the functions they are capable of have expanded to match the incredible increase in tasks that TVs are now capable of.


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