Why a Keyless Entry Systems Is a Great Investment for Your Home Security

When it comes to home security, you want the most effective and efficient means of protecting your family and your belongings. A keyless entry system is a great way to improve the safety of your home and can provide many advantages over traditional systems. Let’s explore why a keyless entry system is a great investment for your home security needs.

What Is a Keyless Entry System?

A keyless entry system is a security system that uses digital or biometric authentication methods such as an RFID card, a remote control, a PIN, or a fingerprint scanner to access your home. The hardware involved includes an electronic controller connected to your garage door or the locks on doors and windows throughout the house and a card or remote control without the need of physical keys.

Are There Different Types of Keyless Entry Systems?

There are many different types of keyless entry systems available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can choose a basic system with just one controller connected to a single door or garage door, or an advanced system that ties into your home alarm and automation system and controls multiple doors and windows.

You can also opt for systems that provide access control, such as granting access via mobile phone apps and to specific people within certain time periods.

What Is a Garage Door Opener Keypad?

A garage door opener keypad is a keyless entry system that allows you to open and close the garage without needing keys or remotes, enabling easy access. The pad connects easily to your garage door opener to provide keyless entry to open and close the door.

You usually install it to the exterior frame of the garage door about five feet off the ground. You can also have multiple garage door opener keypads when you have multiple garage doors.

How Does a Garage Keyless Entry System Work?

A keyless garage door opener keypad is connected to the main circuit board of the overhead garage door opener that uses a radio frequency or is hardwired. When you type in your code, it sends an electrical signal over the air or through the wires and opens or closes the garage door.

If the keypad has LEDs, they light up to tell you what buttons you press. Some models can also be programmed using your fingerprint, or with RFID keys tapped against them instead of typing in numeric codes.

However, the keyless entry system works only when the garage door is not locked. If the door lock on the garage door is engaged, then the garage door will not open or close. Locking or unlocking the door is still performed manually from inside the garage.

Some garage door keyless entry systems will even allow you to program one-time-use pin codes for visitors, repair people, or family members to access the garage and your home when you are away. This eliminates having to supply them with traditional keys for your front door locks.

What Can a Garage Door Keyless Entry System Do for You?

A keyless entry garage door system can provide enhanced security for your property. Since you’re not required to keep a physical key on you, it makes it difficult for intruders to access your home. You also do not have to worry about losing garage door opener remotes or having them stolen out of your vehicles.

Some advanced keypad systems can also require two-factor authentication to open up the door, making it even more secure and ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed access.

How Easy Is It to Use a Keyless Entry System?

Keyless entry systems are generally easy to set up and use. After installing the garage door keypad following the manufacturer’s instructions, you just program the pad with numerical codes corresponding to each individual who uses it. For example, you could have one code for your children to use when they arrive home from school, eliminating the need for them to carry a house key.

What Are the Benefits of a Keyless Entry System?

  • Increased Security: Keyless entry systems are more secure when compared to traditional lock and key methods and provide greater protection against intruders.
  • Convenience: With a keyless entry system, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys or garage door opener since access is granted with the simple push of a few buttons.
  • Clarity and Control: Some advanced keyless entry systems can be programmed differently with various features, such as keeping track of who entered the home.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Installing a keyless entry system is often more cost-effective in the long run because there’s no need for physical keys, replacing lost garage door remotes, and other such costs.

What Are the Cons of a Keyless Entry System?

  • Initial Setup Costs: Keyless entry systems can be more expensive to install than traditional lock systems.
  • Battery Failures: Depending on the garage door keypad you have, it may require battery changes from time to time, unless you have it hardwired into your electrical system.
  • Security Risk from Worn Number Pads: When the numbers start wearing off keypads, security risks can increase.
  • Frequent Code Changes or Number Pad Replacements: To deal with worn numbers, codes should be changed frequently, or the number pad should be replaced as part of system maintenance.

How Do You Upgrade to a Keyless Entry System?

You will need to purchase the necessary hardware to upgrade to a keyless garage door entry system for your house. Next, install and program the system according to its instructions. Once this has been done, you can begin using it easily and enjoy the convenience of accessing your home without fumbling through multiple keys and locks.

How Secure Are Keyless Entry Systems?

Keyless garage door entry systems can be quite secure when set up correctly and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do Keyless Entry Systems Require a Remote Control?

No, keyless entry garage door keypad systems don’t require a remote control.

Where Can I Get a Keyless Garage Door Opener ?

You can find a garage door opener keyless access control system at Replacement Remotes. Explore our garage door keypads online or contact us at 855-573-6683 for further assistance today. We also sell replacement garage door remote control openers.  

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