TV in Bed: Yay or Nay?

In a country as sharply divided as ours, is there any wonder that there’s even a debate on whether watching television in bed is a blessing or a curse? For some folks, watching television in bed helps them wind down after a busy day. For others, the noise and light disturb their sleep cycle.

Watching television in bed

Before deciding which side of the debate you fall on, consider these pros and cons of watching television in bed:

  • For busy professionals, night time may be their only opportunity to catch up on the news. By tuning into a 24-hour news channel, busy men and women can keep informed.
  • If you work nights, it’s tough to unplug from work and immediately fall asleep. Watching television for an hour or so before falling asleep can help you disconnect from work and soothe yourself to sleep.
  • For some, the brightness of a television screen has a stimulating effect and may keep them up nights. For people wired this way, reading a book before bed may be a superior way to unwind.
  • Watching television in bed can cut into important conversation time with your spouse or significant other. Many couples talk and connect at the end of the day, so tuning into your favorite shows during that time may have your other half feeling left out in the cold.

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