The Samsung PNF8500 Series Delivers an Amazing Picture

Finding an awesome TV and a matching TV remote control may seem like an impossible challenge, especially with so many available models on the market. However, the Samsung PNF8500 series takes the guesswork out of the process. This television series delivers exactly what you would expect in the $2400 to $3100 price range.

This is an active 3-D, plasma television that offers a superb picture with a wonderful bright-room image. The details are in the shadows — literally! This TV series offers deep blacks and shadow detail that help create a beautiful image. The colors are accurate and uniform, giving you a smooth, crisp image that pops with details.

This TV series has an amazing remote that is packed with tons of features. It also comes equipped with 4 pairs of 3-D glasses. You can even operate this TV series by motion and voice commands! Samsung didn’t hold anything back when creating this series, as it offers the latest in Smart TV technology. Finally, the design is slim and sleek, making it a perfect fit for any interior design.

The biggest flaws with this TV series are the price and the power consumption. If you like living “green,” you may want to steer clear of this TV series — it consumes a lot more power than comparable LCD TVs. The price is also on the steep side, which means it is not a good fit for every budget.

Overall, this plasma TV series delivers more than what you might expect in terms of picture quality and features — but you can also expect to pay for these features and quality.

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