The Samsung F5500 Series

Those who appreciate a good clicker will love the TV remote that comes with this Samsung plasma. The best quality of this HDTV involves the features that come with it. It offers a Smart TV suite, Web browser, upgraded remote, and more to consumers. However, for the $2,800 MSRP, you could get a lot more TV. It does offer active 3D, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Another excellent feature of this TV is that it is energy efficient.

The bezel of this plasma set is black with a clear plastic trim around the edges. The stand is something to see. It has a four-pronged appearance and looks rather cheap. You can grab the feet and turn them in your hands. This seems like it would pose a problem, but gravity holds it down on the stand quite well. However, the TV does swivel. The standard remote is the Smart Touch Remote Control. It features a touchpad that is responsive. It also offers a microphone, so you can do a voice search through the menu.


  • Excellent features for the price
  • Excellent performance
  • Very good black levels
  • Smart TV
  • Web browser
  • Active 3D
  • Energy efficient


  • Horrible bright room picture
  • Inaccurate color
  • Poor sound

Bottom Line:

This is a decent plasma TV, but it has a lot of issues. The horrible bright room performance is enough for many consumers to not use the TV. Since most people would rather not watch TV in the dark, this TV is not a good value with the features.

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