The LG 84LM960V — Massive TV and Price Tag to Match!

The LG 84LM960V is not your average TV with an average TV remote. This mammoth television is just that — mammoth! This is an 84-inch TV with an asking price of more than $35,000! This is not for the average television owner. No, the LG 84LM960V is a TV that is designed for large spaces and large wallets. However, this massive and expensive television truly delivers, when it comes to quality viewing.

This is a full HD 3D television. The picture quality is like nothing you have ever seen. It comes equipped with two remote controls, and it has standard features that you will find on smaller versions. These features include integrated Smart TV capabilities, as well as networking. The LG 84LM960V has 3 USB ports and 4 HDMI ports, giving users plenty of port options. The color of the picture is rich and full — you won’t notice any deterioration of the picture, even when you get extra close. The images displayed are smooth, with deep blacks and vibrant colors.

The drawbacks to this TV are, of course, the price — not just anyone can afford to buy this TV, and the codecs required for it have yet to be standard practice. It also has a video gaming lag that can truly affect the quality of your game playing — so, this is not a good choice for anyone serious about gaming.

The LG 84LM960V is an amazing, breathtaking TV with a heartbreaking price. However, you are sure to find smaller models — from LG and other manufacturers — that can provide you with the same quality in a more affordable price range. Whether this is the TV for you or not, for all of your remote needs, contact us here at Replacement Remotes.

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