Refrigerator Filter Replacement: How Long Do Water Filters Last?

One question commonly asked by people who own refrigerators with water filters is “How long do water filters last?” The answer to that question really depends on where your water comes from.

If you have city water provided by your municipality, you may not need refrigerator filter replacement every six months, as manufacturers recommend. This is because city water is already treated. However, you will still want to change the water filter every nine to twelve months to ensure your water doesn’t start smelling or develop a funny taste.

If you have hard water from a well, then you may want to change your filter every six months or sooner. Some well water has iron and other metals that the filter removes in addition to the calcium deposits. Over time, these can clog the water filter.

Male hand is pouring water and ice cubes from dispenser of fridge

So if you notice the water pressure is slower than normal or your ice maker is making smaller ice cubes, these are signs to replace the water filter. Another sign to change your water filter is if you start noticing “floaters” in your water, which is hard water scale that is not being filtered out.

However, if you have a water softener and filtration system connected to the water main, then you may only need to change the refrigerator water filter every nine to twelve months.

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