How to Find Your Missing Remote

Is there anything more annoying than sitting down to relax in front of your television, only to realize your TV remote isn’t where it should be? At one time or another, we’ve all spent far too long searching for a lost remote, turning over couch cushions, and flopping around on the ground to look under armchairs. Next time you find yourself  without your trusty remote, keep this list in mind to make your search a little shorter.

Check Your Body

There’s a good chance your remote is in your pocket or hiding beneath the folds of your clothing.

Look on the TV

Before you start digging through your furniture cushions, check on top of your TV to see if you happened to leave your remote there. Also, check around the TV stand or Blu-ray/DVD shelf.

Check the Obvious Places

If the remote isn’t next to the TV, the next step is to check the places where you usually use the remote. For most people, this means the couch or chair. Check the surface of your couch or chair, removing any items to make sure the remote isn’t sitting on top of the furniture. If you have no luck, start pulling up cushions and checking underneath.

Look in the Kitchen

Sometimes people make a trip to the kitchen with their remote in hand without even thinking about it, and then set the remote down before forgetting about it entirely. Check the kitchen counters, by the sink, or even inside the fridge.

How to find remote

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