Apple TV vs. Fire Stick: Which Device Is Better?

More and more are people getting rid of cable and satellite TV services and moving to streaming services these days. You need a streaming device where you can access all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOMax, Peacock, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Two of the more popular devices are the Apple TV 4K and the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. While both essentially do the same thing—provide you access to your streaming services—there are some key differences between the Amazon Fire Stick vs. Apple TV.

Price: Apple TV or Fire Stick?

If you base your decision on price alone, the Fire TV Stick 4K wins hands down. It costs a fraction of the cost of the Apple TV 4K. The top tier Fire TV Stick 4K costs $49.99, while the Apple TV 4K 64GB runs $199.00.

You can knock $20 off the Fire Stick by getting a Fire TV Stick Lite for $29.99. However, the Lite does not offer 4K video output, only 1080p HD. You can also save $30 by getting the 32GB Apple TV 4K.

Streaming Device Set-Up

Apple TV 4K uses a streaming box that plugs into the back of your TV. It also has an ethernet port for an ethernet cable, so, if your Wi-Fi signal is not strong, you can hardwire the streaming box into your router for optimal streaming speeds.

The Fire TV Stick 4K uses a streaming stick that plugs into the back of your TV, so it hides neatly away out of sight. However, it is a wireless-only device. So, if your Wi-Fi signal is not strong, you will need to either move the router closer to the TV or install a wireless booster.

Interface: Amazon Fire Stick vs. Apple TV

The main thing you will notice with the Fire Stick is that it caters to Amazon Prime and Amazon Channels. While you can access your other streaming apps, the home screen always features Amazon Prime and Amazon Channel content that you cannot change or customize.

You can customize Apple TV’s home screen however you want. Apple does promote their Apple TV+ content. Yet, if you do not want to see this, you can hide it from showing up on the home screen. So, Apple comes out on top when it comes to interface design and customization options.

Remote Controls

Both remote controls offer voice control, either through Siri or Alexa. However, the Fire TV Stick remote offers more buttons like play, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and basic TV controls.

The Apple TV remote uses a touchpad for navigation and to fast-forward and rewind. The touchpad can be tricky to get used to and can be somewhat sensitive if you press in the wrong location. The winner here is the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Which Is Better?

Deciding whether the Fire TV Stick 4K or the Apple TV 4K is better depends on your preferences. If you are just looking for a basic streaming stick that can also control Alexa-connected smart devices, you cannot go wrong with Fire TV.

On the other hand, if you are used to Apple devices and have an Apple-controlled smart home, Apple TV’s streaming box is a great choice. Not to mention, you have access to Siri, iTunes, Apple Arcade, HomeKit, Apple Fitness+, and other Apple services. Plus, you can customize your home screen.

Furthermore, you can find aftermarket replacement remote controls for Fire TV Sticks if you lose yours or just want a spare. For Apple TV remote control replacements, you have to order an OEM replacement.

To find remote controls for Fire TV Stick, please feel free to browse our selections online, or contact Replacement Remotes at 855-573-6683 for further assistance today!

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