All About Apple TV

The Apple TV streaming box takes on the minimalistic with its small footprint and tiny TV remote control. This teeny box packs a whopping amount of features into little space. It also offers a little gem called AirPlay that truly adds to the allure of this streaming device.

This small streaming box is just $99, less than some of the just as nice Roku boxes. The streaming device offers much more now than when it was released, due in part to regular updates. Many popular apps are available, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Watch ESPN and so much more. Plus, Apple keeps fans happy with regular new apps.

The remote is very small. It only offers a menu, play and directional buttons. However, there is ample space left on the remote that is just empty — which is puzzling. As great as this streaming device is, it still only offers connectivity with other iOS devices, leading many to choose a different brand.


  • Stream video content from iTunes
  • A handful of video apps and online media services
  • Streaming from iOS devices with AirPlay
  • Easy to navigate interface


  • Only works with iOS devices
  • Less streaming apps than competitors
  • Lackluster remote

Bottom Line:

AirPlay streaming makes Apple TV great, but it offers no use to a person who does not already own several Apple devices. The streaming options are really good, but do not offer as many apps as other devices. Still, owners of Apple devices will love the connectivity this streaming device offers.

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