Air Conditioner Sizing: How Do I Find the Right Size AC Unit for My Room?

With summer almost here and warmer temperatures already occurring in many places of the country, now is the time to replace your air conditioner with a new energy-efficient model with modern features like remote controls.

When selecting a new unit, you need to spend some time evaluating air conditioner sizing to ensure you get the right size unit capable of cooling your room. The first thing you need to do is measure the size of the room.

If you purchase a unit that is too small, it will struggle to effectively cool the room. Conversely, purchasing a unit that is too big will cause it to cool quickly and will create humidity.

Calculating the Size of a Window or Indoor AC Unit

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Window and indoor units’ cooling capacity is rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs). You will need to calculate 20 BTUs per square foot. For example, if you have a 10-foot x 20-foot room, it is 200 square feet. So, you would want a unit that provides 4,000 BTUs.

However, there are a few exceptions. If the room gets direct sunlight, then you want to add another 10{8c8ae2a71b30a2d8c6f534038a85ab39be2a915945a2526b1de25039d71b9e11} to the capacity. You should also add 600 BTUs for each additional person that occupies the room over two. If you are putting the unit in your kitchen, you will want to add another 4,000 BTUs since the stove, microwave, cooktop, and refrigerator all generate heat.

Furthermore, you need to include all open space between rooms that are not divided. So, if you have an open floor plan without any division between the dining room and living room, you need to calculate the total square feet if you expect a single AC unit to cool both spaces space.

Using this information as a guide, you are sure to find the right size AC unit for your room. If you want extra remote controls or need a replacement AC unit remote control, please feel free to shop our online store or contact Replacement Remotes at 855-573-6683 today!

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