A Step Up from the 8000 Series: Samsung UNF9000 Series

The Samsung UNF9000 is a 4K TV at a smaller price than their UNS series. Its TV remote is one of the touch-pad clicker models distributed with the Samsung high-end TVs. The TV itself is nice looking, but it does have some drawbacks. The curved base must be situated on a table or stand as wide as it is, or else the TV risks collapse. The thin bezel is silver and very minimalistic, matching the base.

These 4K TVs are future-proof. This means that it can be upgraded, normally for a small price. The One Connect upgrade box attaches to the back of the TV, and a new one could be added in the future, adding more features to the TV. The remote is small, and it features a touch pad. It fits well in the hand, and the Bluetooth technology works wonders. It’s incredibly accurate and nimble, allowing easy navigation of the menus.


  • Excellent picture quality and great black levels
  • Accurate color
  • Great video processing
  • Upgradable One Connect box
  • Active 3D technology and four 3D glasses
  • Excellent remote
  • Smart TV, voice and gesture control


  • Expensive at $4,000
  • Does not have better features or picture than a high-end LCD/LED HDTV
  • Wide stand
  • Far too little 4K content

Bottom Line:

If you must have a 4K HDTV, this one costs far less than others do. However, it is still expensive compared to LED/LCD models. It does offer a great set of features, but very similar ones to the 8000 series.

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