A Review of the LG LA6200 Series

For an expensive HDTV, the LG LA6200 Series disappoints with a poor picture and standard TV remote compared to the remotes shipped with their nicer TVs. Even though it has an almost $2,000 price tag, this LCD HDTV is considered a mid-range model. It offers many good features, but features alone do not make a TV worth buying, unless it can make you coffee or something cool like that.

This LG HDTV looks like an excellent piece of electronic luxury when it is turned off. Is has a modern style with a thin, aggressive silver bezel. The stand also has the same silver brushed finish, which looks so very sleek. The remote is standard, but, for $80 more, you could upgrade to a so-called smart remote. So, looks-wise, LG has it covered with the luxurious look of this HDTV. However, when it is turned on the problems start. It has a picture quality that leaves much to be desired.


  • Beautiful exterior
  • Swivel stand
  • Excellent Smart TV suite
  • Accurate color
  • 3D ready with 4 sets of glasses
  • Adjustable picture settings


  • Poor value for the money
  • Subpar picture quality
  • Black levels too light
  • Bad video processing
  • Poor 3D image

Bottom line:

If you want a beautiful HDTV for looks, this is it. However, if you want a TV that is a good value and that works well, look elsewhere. The picture quality is very subpar compared to the price. The picture quality lacks contrast and definition, which is not a good thing when you’re paying almost $2,000 for a TV.

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