4K TV Spotlight: Panasonic AX802

The Panasonic AX802 is a 4K TV that offers impressive features and a handy touchpad Bluetooth TV remote control. You’ve probably seen how little of a difference the 4K resolution makes on most TVs; however, this is not the case here. The 50 inch model offers up an impressive picture with deep blacks and a very wide color range. It even offers an info bar that stays on standby until someone enters the room and triggers its sensor. It should be noted that this TV is very heavy.

The TV sits atop a counterweight stand that is slightly behind the massive screen. It makes the screen appear to float above the stand, which is a nice touch. The metallic edge on the frame is also a nice element to the design of this attractive TV. The Smart TV suite is one of the best available and offers many streaming services. Unfortunately, the Netflix 4K service is not yet compatible with this TV. The remote is a small touchpad, which users will either love or hate.


  • Excellent Smart TV suite
  • Great picture quality
  • Good looking design
  • Deep black levels
  • Excellent color range


  • Netflix 4K is not compatible
  • Some users found remote awkward
  • Edge lighting is uneven

Bottom Line:

This TV is an excellent example of a 4K set that delivers. This is one of the better Panasonic TVs they have produced since they stopped making plasma TVs. It is an upgrade, and a much better 4K TV overall, compared to the previous year’s WT600 model.

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